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China: Dolls as Storytellers

Jan 01 - Jan 31 2017
In celebration of Chinese New Year, MINT Museum of Toys presents China: Dolls As Storytellers. This small exhibition invites visitors to travel back in time with this range...
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Betty Boop: A Love Story

Feb 01 - Feb 28 2017
In celebration of the month of love and Valentine´s day, MINT Museum of Toys presents Betty Boop: A Love Story, featuring Betty Boop and Bimbo toys. Rewind back...
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Door of Hope: Women in History

Mar 01 - Mar 31 2017
The Door of Hope dolls tell an inspiring story of how a group of women set out to change the future of young Chinese girls...
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An Imaginary Journey with Robot Toys Through Classic Sci-Fi Movies

Apr 01 - Jun 30 2017
The theme of robots has constantly been explored by men since time immemorial. In this quarterly exhibition, MINT Museum of Toys features robot toys that have been protagonists...
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A Colony: THE ALIEN Movie Pop Up Exhibition

Apr 27 - May 28 2017
Drawn by the presence of our space heroes, Aliens have invaded MINT Museum of Toys! Setting up their colony on Level 3 of the museum, they...
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Singapore Heritage Fest

Apr 30 - May 14 2017
We all know how Singapore was like in the early years. Explore this period through the lens of an early traveler, and gain new insights...
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Guerrilla – Door of Hope: Women in History

Mar 25 - Mar 25 2017
This 25 March 2017, Guerrilla will reignite the fervour of International Women’s Day by exhibiting the museum’s latest featured exhibit, Door of Hope: Women in...
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GUERRILLA: Betty Boop & Bimbo

Feb 25 - Feb 25 2017
Guerrilla celebrates love on 25 February 2017, with a featured exhibition of Betty Boop & Bimbo dolls alongside complementary activities for visitors to express their...
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Guerrilla: Robby Space Trooper

Dec 31 - Dec 31 2016
Guerrilla celebrates the end of December Featured Exhibit and of 2016 with a bubbly twist! Enter Level 5 Outerspace with your loved ones and with...
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Make + Play

Creating Comics for Beginners

May 06 - May 27 2017
Always wanted to be a comic artist? Now's your chance! Learn how to create your very own character and generate concepts to develop a 2-page...
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Drawing Comics for Young Beginners

May 28 - May 28 2017
Draw inspiration from the myriad of comic characters at MINT Museum of Toys and unleash the inner artist in you as you embark on an...
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Beginner to Hello Robota

Jun 04 - Jun 25 2017
Level up and expand your knowledge and skills of robotics with Beginner Hello Robota.In this 4-lesson programme, using the LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 System, kids will...
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