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MINT Museum of Toys welcomes visits from tour groups as well as partnerships with tour agencies. To become a partner or for further enquiries, please complete the booking form.

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MINT’s collection is made up of an extensive series of toys and objects most in mint condition – from toy figures and games to soft toys and vehicles. Highly sought after items and valuable rare pieces, such as the Alice Doll (UK, 1930s) by Farnell and the Mickey Mouse Hurdy Gurdy (Germany, 1930s). Since its inauguration, the museum has expanded its collection, amassing over 50,000 items, 8,000 of which are curated for both permanent and temporary displays. The main displays are spread across six levels, each with a theme of its own.


Monthly Featured Exhibit

  • January
    China: Dolls as Storytellers

    In celebration of Chinese New Year, MINT Museum of Toys presents China: Dolls As Storytellers. This small exhibition invites visitors to travel back…

  • February
    Betty Boop: A Love Story

    In celebration of the month of love and Valentine´s day, MINT Museum of Toys presents Betty Boop: A Love Story, featuring Betty Boop…

  • March
    Door of Hope: Women in History

    The Door of Hope dolls tell an inspiring story of how a group of women set out to change the future of…