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Level 2: Collectables

In 1873, French writer, Jules Verne brought his character, Phileas Fogg, and readers around the world in 80 days. Level 2 Collectables attempts to challenge that feat. With its display of toys and childhood items from the UK, Netherlands, Austria, Chile, India, and Singapore, to name a few, the collection in Collectables will bring visitors around the world in under 80 minutes!

The toys vary not only in origin, but also in form. The Climbing Monkey Tin Toy, for instance, features subtle regional differences despite its similarity in shape. On display are also toys and items that mark significant historical events, such as the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.


  • Monkees Memorabilia
  • Pedal Cars
  • Penny Toys
  • Mobo Toys
  • The Beatles
  • Queen Elizabeth Coronation
  • Disneyana