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Tour Agency

MINT Museum of Toys welcomes visits from tour groups as well as partnerships with tour agencies. To become a partner or for further enquiries, please complete the booking form.

Corporate Form

MINT Museum of Toys offers a different learning experience. Appealing to all ages, the unique content captures the essential childhood experience of past generations. Through covering educational topics like art, culture, design and history, the museum aspires to be a centre of excellence. Be surrounded by toys and allow your students to nurture their creativity, creating new memories as they learn through MINT Museum of Toys’ collection.

Pre & Primary School

Explore different trails inside MINT Museum of Toys with our docent, each exploring different artistic, cultural and historical significance of the toys in the collection, presenting a whole new experience with every visit.

 Through a tour in our museum, your students will be able to fulfil the following learning objectives, spread out over several visits:

  • Be curious and able to explore
  • Be able to listen and speak with understanding
  • Be able to comprehend and apply basic concepts

The students will be prompted to identify differences in toys from different countries, and given constant opportunities to share and articulate, building up their confidence to speak and listen in an engaging manner.

For enquiries on programmes and prices,
Tel: (65) 63377003, Mon – Fri, 9:30am – 6:30pm

Secondary / Tertiary

Through providing the schools alternative channels to support school curriculum in a fun and relatable environment, we hope to help the students:

  • Understand the function of toys as a reflection of several historical time periods
  • Understand the function of toys as a tool of empowerment, and draw inspiration for their own efforts in building Singapore, in order to develop confidence in our future.
  • Build source reading and inference abilities and apply it in the context of their roles in nation-building.

Through this, the students will understand the challenges Singapore faces as well as the opportunities present for our future. Find out more here.

For enquiries on programmes and prices,
Tel: (65) 63377003, Mon – Fri, 9:30am – 6:30pm