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MINT Museum of Toys

26 Seah Street

Singapore 188382

Phone: +65 6339 0660


Children’s Season- Creating Vintage Workshops

Children’s Season has arrived at MINT Museum of Toys! This June, we have some great workshops for all your little ones. They might be out of school, but the learning never stops!

Ever wondered what goes into your toy? How did toys get made before modern technology? Travel with us back to the roots of toy-making, as we teach you basic techniques that has formed the bedrock of a booming toy industry.

Join us as we bring you on a four-part Make+Play series exploring how “vintage” arises. Each of the tour brings you through one aspect of vintage, explaining how different elements come together to render an object truly collector-worthy.

To top off the experience, children will get to put what they have learn to good use, using one of the traditional toy-making techniques such as sewing to create their new favourite toy. The different workshops available are as follows:

1) Vintage Robot:

Your kids will be able to stretch their creativity to design, assemble and decorate their own robots. They can draw inspiration from the robots that the museum holds as they will be able to learn about the museum’s key vintage robots that range from the 1930s to the 1960s.

2) Old School Toys:

This workshop will be a learning process and a walk down memory lane where you get to sew your own set of five stone, and learn how to play the game afterwards. This workshop will include a tour of all the “old school toys” that we hold in the museum and learn a bit more on the history of these local and international toys.

3) Vintage Teddy Bears:

In this young beginners* workshop, they will be able to explore the world of vintage teddy bears, and, and learn about the famous teddies that we have in the museum. From there, they will be able to gain some inspiration for their own teddy bears by picking out their colours and materials of their choice.

4) Vintage Toy Materials & Creation:

In this session, your child will learn what makes something vintage and how things have changed from then till now. They will then be able to mould and shape their own figurines inspired by the things that they have seen in the museum.



Date: May 27 - Jun 26 2017
Time: 11:00 am - 05:00 pm
Price: $15


26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382