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MINT Museum of Toys

26 Seah Street

Singapore 188382

Phone: +65 6339 0660


My Story, My Toy

How does a toy tell a story?
Toys are produced in the millions, yet every single one, once bought off the shelf, is unique. The experiences, the memories we build with our store-bought toys make them our very own friend, relating a story that only we will know.

Dating back to the golden age of tin toys, each tin-pressed piece were made without differentiation in shape. However, each toy produced by different countries, and the respective representative makers, inherits unique characters that translates the brand’s story. Simple components like paint quality, design, and colours, tells a story of each toy, the economic and cultural circumstances under which it is being made.

It is this desire to present the many layers that goes into a toy’s story, that gave rise to this exhibition, as we peel back the layers of paint, materials and history to understand the full value of early tin toys.

The Exhibition
Using our wide array of tin toys, and zooming in on iconic tin toy producers, “My Story, My Toy” presents a look at not just the physical toys and it’s history, but focuses more on the respective makers and how they imbue their brand characters unto the final product. We will be exploring 4 different icons of the tin toy industry, ranging from the pioneer of European tin toys, Lehmann Toy Company, the American successor Louis Marx & Co, to the Asian revolutionary Chinese Can Company (康元製罐廠) and modern day traditionalist Welby India.

The exhibition will explore the creative direction each of these companies took through a single line of products, the iconic Climbing Monkeys.

UNBOX is born out of MINT Museum of Toys’ continuing efforts to present a well-rounded dissection and appreciation of toys. Expanding beyond a showcase of our toy collection, the museum brings you into the world of toys, underneath the paint and mechanisms, to fully understand the value of creation and richness of history in a way never seen before.

Personalise your own Toy! 

Special Sessions – Tell your story through a toy

Time: 11am – 5pm

Type: Free & Easy

Estimated duration: 45 mins

During this creative session, participants will be handed a piece of white-washed figurine, and provided with materials to experiment with this 3D canvas. Using a familiar toy, participants face the challenge of imprinting their stories onto the toys. This creative session asks the question, how can you make your toy truly unique, such that it only belongs to you?

Markers, spray cans and acrylic paint will be provided.

Cost: $10 per person

Complimentary tour (20mins) of featured gallery @ 1:30pm3:30pm



Date: Mar 10 - Mar 17 2018
Time: 11:00 am - 05:00 pm
Venue: Basement Enamel Sign Gallery
Price: $10


26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382