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MINT Museum of Toys

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MINT Museum of Toys

26 Seah Street

Singapore 188382

Phone: +65 6339 0660

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MINT Museum of Toys

26 Seah Street

Singapore 188382

Phone: +65 6339 0660

Make & Play

T for Toys!

Every Sunday, From 15 Jul to 26 Aug 2018

Ever played with a toy then wondered what makes it tick? Curious about the science behind toys? With Teacher’s Day coming up, let toys teach your young ones about science, technology and history through a curated tour and workshop. Your children will understand how Robot toys worked before toys went high-tech!

During the workshop, children will make a kaleidoscope from everyday materials, allowing them to understand the science that goes into making this toy work!

This programme is open to families with children aged 6 – 12 years old.

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Make & Play – Children’s Season

From May 27 to Jun 24 2018
  It is that time of the year again at MINT Museum of Toys! We invite all parents and children to Make & Play at...
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Age of Superheroes

27 May, 7, 21, 24 June 2018

Ever noticed that the colors, designs, and materials of your favorite superhero toys have been changing over the decades? Join MINT Museum of Toys on a curated tour and DIY workshop, and take a closer look at how toys like Batman, Ultraman and Superman have evolved into their current styles.
After the tour, children will be guided to mould their own superhero using clay. Learning through play, this fun workshop will give children a chance to bring their imagined superheroes to life!

This programme is open to families with children aged 5 – 12 years old. 

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Doll it up!

31 May, 10, 14, 16 June

More than just playthings! Much-loved toys like Barbie, G.I. Joe and Mickey Mouse tell a story of the times in which they were created. This Children’s Season, join MINT Museum of Toys on a specially curated tour and DIY workshop. Learn about the history of well-known toys and how they appealed to different audiences and markets from around the world.
At the DIY workshop, parents and children will work together to decorate handmade soft toys. Bring home a sense of fulfillment and rediscover the joy and value of toys.
This programme is open to families with children aged 7 – 12 years old. 

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3, 9, 17, 23 June

Can a robot save the world? Yes, it can. Introducing Gigantor – a 1960s giant flying robot that kept world peace. Relive happy childhood memories at a special tour and workshop at the MINT Museum of Toys. Get to see first-hand Gigantor in its various vintage forms – as a tin wind-up toy, vinyl figurine and die-cast metal.
After the tour, get creative at our DIY workshop, where children will create their very own robot using everyday materials. From designing, assembling, to decorating, it is time to unleash your creativity!
This programme is open to families with children aged 7 – 12 years old. 

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Valuing Friendship

Every Sunday, From 18 Mar to 29 Apr 2018

This International Friendship Day, join MINT Museum of Toys as we honor the sidekicks and friends of our beloved mains, who has made their goofy antics all the more hilarious. Rediscover the value of friendship and the support it brings for famous characters like Mickey Mouse and the Smurfs, as we traverse a variety of toys made to celebrate these lesser-known characters.

Finish off with a nostalgic craft session as we bring back the trendy Friendship Bracelet. Make one for your best pal today!

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Pawsperity Bow-wow

Every Sunday, From 4 Feb – 25 Feb 2018

Fill up your pouches with bountiful returns! In the year of the dog, MINT Museum of Toys takes you on a journey of iconic bow-wows to grace the last century. After a skip-along with Bonzo, the playful Pluto and a Snoopy in spacesuit, set about making your Pawsperity pouch, a stitching session that guarantees you as the cool kid of your family reunion.

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Stitch & Stuff

Every Sunday, From 7 Jan to 28 Jan 2018

To kick off 2018, MINT Museum of Toys transports you back to your childhood, as we bring you on a journey spanning the museum’s most famous stuff toys, teaching you about the history and techniques that went into producing your very first friend.

After the tour, participants will be guided to stitch and stuff their very own stuffed friend. Pick up a valuable toy-making technique, which you can always re-use with leftover cloth to create more childhood memories with your loved ones!

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Plush-full of Love

From Dec 20 to Dec 24 2017
Stuffed animals has always been a big part of every childhood, teaching valuable lessons on caring for and loving another. It is no surprise that...
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Automatons in MINT!

November 5, 2017
Want to learn more about the making of robot tin toys? Join <<Automatons in MINT!>> as we bring you on a journey through the evolution...
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Guerrilla – The Adventures of Tintin: The Hunt for the Rare Toy

Opens on Jun 30 2018

Hang out at the MINT Museum of toys on Saturday after the museum’s regular opening hours, where it’s free entry for all to a special exhibition on Tintin!

Check out our early Tintin toys and collectables, participate in our trivia quiz, and enjoy a 1-for-1 promotion on whisky sodas at Mr Punch Public House!

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Hello 2018

Opens on Jan 27 2018
Happy New Year! 2018 is here and may it bring us a new chapter of adventures and new beginnings! To celebrate and look forward to...
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Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

Opens on Dec 23 2017
Have you been naughty or nice this year? Because Santa Claus is coming to MINT Museum of Toys! For December’s Guerrilla night, we are getting...
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Starring Minnie!

Opens on Nov 25 2017
It’s Minnie Mouse’s 89th birthday this year and we are inviting all fans of Minnie to celebrate with us at a party hosted by MINT...
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Opens on Sep 30 2017
Missed the Singapore Grand Prix F1 night race this year? At MINT Museum of Toys, the night isn’t about to end just yet with our...
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Treat for Tricks!

Opens on Oct 28 2017
In the spirit of Halloween, MINT Museum of Toys brings you “Treat for Tricks!”, a highlight of four toys that hides a treat behind their all scary and...
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Recycle and Rediscover

From Aug 25 to Aug 26 2017
Some of the world’s best games are created through a moment of imagination. It is this moment that gave rise to many of the prized...
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A Nation’s Pastime

From Aug 08 to Aug 09 2017
In celebration of our nation’s 52nd birthday, MINT Museum of Toys is delving into our nation’s favourite pastimes. Among all the chaptehs, hopscotch and country...
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Guerrilla – Illustrating Future

Opens on Jun 24 2017
Come join us on 24th June, Saturday, learn how to make your very own animation toy and see your drawings come to life! You have...
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My Story, My Toy

From Mar 10 to Mar 17 2018
How does a toy tell a story? Toys are produced in the millions, yet every single one, once bought off the shelf, is unique. The experiences, the memories we build...
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The Golden Age of Animation

From Oct 13 to Dec 29 2017
Before they were playthings, they were animated cartoons on the silver screen. This early form of animation, a staple for every child, laid the foundations of popularity for...
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The Cultural Decade

From Jul 14 to Sep 29 2017
The Cultural Decade – is a period of great significance in history. Lasting from 1963 – 1972, this is the decade that gave us such...
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Pulling Forward

From Aug 02 to Aug 29 2017
Singapore used to be a port city, meaning that sailors are a common sight in our city. The Rickshaw Puller & Sailorman presented here is...
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Ping Pong Politics

From Jul 05 to Aug 01 2017
“Friendship first, competition second.” This is a term that will be most familiar to sportsman around the world. Learn more about the moment in history...
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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

From Jun 01 to Jun 30 2017
Science-fiction has become one of the biggest genres in every aspect of the industry – books, films, comics, you name it! But does anyone really...
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An Imaginary Journey with Robot Toys Through Classic Sci-Fi Movies

From Apr 01 to Jun 30 2017
The theme of robots has constantly been explored by men since time immemorial. In this quarterly exhibition, MINT Museum of Toys features robot toys that have been protagonists...
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Childhood Favourites

From Jan 01 to Mar 31 2017
MINT Museum of Toys first quarter exhibition, Childhood Favourites, explores toys and childhood memorabilia that were inspired by 7 classic children’s books and tales from...
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Mint Highlights

Grand Prix: The Early Years

From Sep 13 to Oct 27 2017
Toy cars have captured our imagination since time immemorial. Of the many cars models we have in our museum, no one event has spurned a...
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