Pre-Schooler Learners
Learning Journey for Pre-School Learners!

In keeping with Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework guidelines and objectives for pre-school learning, MINT Museum of Toys has created a holistic learning experience for children aged 5 – 6 years old, Kindergarten 1 and 2.

Through play, children develop social and cognitive skills, gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and learn to succeed in the world around them – our programme explores and features: Aesthetics and Creative Expression

For example, in order to integrate children’s learning experience into creative expression, our 1930s Drummer solider toy is use to explore tempo and rhythm, a basic element of music. A rare Bandai Batman robot toy that is created using different art medium, introducing children to the basic elements of art like texture and colours.

Aesthetics and Creative Expression

Aesthetics involves the love and pursuit of beauty as found in art and music and movement.
It creates opportunities for the creative expression of emotions and ideas.

Through Learning Journey at MINT Museum of Toys, we have included learning points of art,
music and movement
in each of our 4 trails – Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favourites & Collectables to foster the development of the whole child, including the cognitive, physical, social-emotional and creative domains.

Each trail provides a range of stimuli, ideas and opportunities for children to draw, create, sing with actions and movement or even plays musical instruments. These experiences help promote children’s imagination and creativity.

Learning points of art, music and movement are included in each of our 4 trails.
Level 5
Level 5
Learning Through Outerspace

Five years ago, a terrible space crash happened that left an Astronaut and his handy robot assistant, Hook Robot, stranded on a strange faraway planet. In this exciting Outerspace Trail, the children will take part in a rescue mission to bring the stranded astronaut back to Earth. With no one to call for help, with aliens looming nearby and no spaceship to travel, how will they get back to Earth?

Through this immersive dramatisation of the outerspace adventure, the children will make their own communication system, fight the aliens and build their own spaceship based on the museum’s Toys, such as the Space Patrol Walkie Talkie, Space Gun and The Sparkling ‘High Speed’ Rocket. These challenges in the adventure will allow the children to explore dynamics of sound-making using different household materials as well as body-shaping and movements through tableaux. At the end of the journey, the children will also get to mould their own 3-dimensional robot assistant by using art materials of different textures, colours and shapes.

Outerspace Toys