Planet of the Apes

This painting is inspired by the museum’s Childhood Favourites theme and toy collections.

Artist Inspiration Description:

In this painting, it tells about the failure of a child kidnapping. The art story of this painting contains a message for children so that when they are in a new place, they should not be far from their father or mother and relatives who invite them to go. Then there are many police monkey robots as saviours who stopped Harry from being kidnapped by the evil twins, namely Doris and Suzy. … In this painting I imagine that the monkey police robots become living figures, and become friends of the children… I make up my own stories and name the characters after their characters to make them more creative. I prefer to create new characters rather than adopt from existing robot characters such as transformers, bumble bees etc. And when I was child, I had dolls and robots in the form of monkeys, my mother bought them at a toy store from Japan called Sanrio. So in my opinion, monkey robots are also children’s favourites.


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