Not referring to when you try to wake your partner early on a Sunday. It is a social club of sorts happening only on Sundays. You spent most of the week working, why not drop by and get punched out over weekend drinks!

Hello Intense Coffee Enthusiasts

From 1130am

For the very enthusiastic of enthusiasts or curious. There are only 20 servings, yes just 20, of a 12-hour cold-brewed coffee with a signature taste – The vanilla bean cream cold brew. Our slow-steeped blend is custom made with freshly ground coffee beans and scraped-out vanilla pods to infuse fresh or skimmed milk with a punch that’s filled with vanilla essence.

All-Day Breakfast Liquids

From 1130am

For those on a liquid diet, Sunday Punch features a series of All-Day Breakfast Fruit Punches packed with wholesome fresh fruits, layered with healthy oats, chia seeds and premium yoghurts. Make your brunch easy with a Oatmeal-Based, Yoghurt-Based or Pure Fruit- Based beverage.

The Sunday Punch

From 230pm

The best part of sharing a punch is the great conversations and memories that come with it. This alcoholic Sunday Punch-exclusive sharing jar is suitable for up to 4. Opt for a non-alcoholic version and the bar will hit up a bespoke version for you. Mr Punch Public House’s regular drink menu of sharing punches, beers, wines and champagnes are still available during Sunday Punch until 630pm.