Moment of Imagination & Nostalgia with Toys

Discover vintage toys and childhood memorabilia from over 40 countries
ranging between the years of 1840s to 1980s.

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MINT Museum of Toys
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cy ccy c
09:59 17 May 24
Had an enjoyable time at the movie screening
Audrey TanAudrey Tan
09:53 17 May 24
Super fun experience with free movie. All the toys of my youth!
Alex ScollayAlex Scollay
05:35 17 May 24
Ramnath SubramanianRamnath Subramanian
03:09 17 May 24
Very nice collection and some very rare pieces of toys
15:25 16 May 24
João PicançoJoão Picanço
05:35 16 May 24
Very pretty and cool place. The lady on the door is also very nice and helpful. You should go there.
Rhose SantosRhose Santos
04:09 10 May 24
It was a fascinating and nostalgic walk through the history of toys! Highly recommend! ❤️
Lenny JLenny J
04:08 10 May 24
The staff at the front Miss Ani was super helpful! She guided us on how to purchase the tickets and how to navigate once inside. Loved her personality and her patience to help us through. Love the entire experience! A MUST visit! If you are lucky, you will be greeted by Miss Ani!
Martin TangMartin Tang
03:27 10 May 24
Excellent museum
Han TEHan TE
08:08 07 May 24
amazing museum!!! very nice people here and gained lots of knowledge.thanks mr aaron for sharing with us!!
Lindsay HaliliLindsay Halili
08:07 07 May 24
The tour was very informative and interactive
nuryn insyierahhhnuryn insyierahhh
08:07 07 May 24
I went here for a school learning journey & it was very fascinating to see the toys upon arrival.
Izzati JasmanIzzati Jasman
08:07 07 May 24
Very fun and exciting. Interesting toys!
Dong ZheDong Zhe
08:07 07 May 24
Very fun.saw toys
Feng LiFeng Li
09:14 05 May 24
This is a really good museum. Have fun time
02:49 02 May 24
Khanh TrangKhanh Trang
08:10 30 Apr 24
i love everything in this museummmm !!!!
Loh ShiQiLoh ShiQi
10:36 28 Apr 24
Great experience !Kids love it
Thandar HlaingThandar Hlaing
10:29 28 Apr 24
This is very nice place to see unique toys
10:24 28 Apr 24
Great experience! Kids friendly!Get to see diff type of cartoons and toys!
sheep bluesheep blue
10:01 28 Apr 24
It’s a really good experience !! Very fun and will recommend everyone to come check this out!
Meha M.mMeha M.m
07:51 28 Apr 24
It was so beautiful and I had a great time there
Ali GhAli Gh
09:19 26 Apr 24
It is a beautiful, tidy, and small museum, but it consists of several floors and contains a very large amount of toys that make you recall the past. The idea of ​​the museum is strange and has only occurred to me in Singapore.The question is, is it worth a visit?If you have free time, you can devote an hour to it with the sponsor
ppp Chappp Cha
07:20 26 Apr 24
Wonderful experience !Highly recommend to all toys fans!
Ezra PanEzra Pan
04:46 26 Apr 24
A small modern musean. Good collection of toys of different themes. Jut find the booking of admission ticket is a bit difficult.
Yen Seah TanYen Seah Tan
09:06 21 Apr 24
It was fun bringing my children to explore the toy museum and to learn and have great bonding time together.
Giandanu PratamaGiandanu Pratama
07:11 20 Apr 24
Its a good museum, with expensibe collection, remind me of my childhood time..Astro boy
sixx Wusixx Wu
02:17 18 Apr 24
The place is full of the interesting toys from different places and has an interesting history.I had a wonderful experience here.
Coreen SohCoreen Soh
07:06 16 Apr 24
Pretty insightful. Good integration of knowledge, history and fun.
Abbie SngAbbie Sng
07:04 16 Apr 24
Regine banRegine ban
07:04 16 Apr 24
Quite interesting.
Woan Kee Nicole KohWoan Kee Nicole Koh
07:04 16 Apr 24
Daniel ChuaDaniel Chua
07:04 16 Apr 24
Great experience which brought back wonderful memories of toys I played with as a child! Awesome.
Priscilla ChongPriscilla Chong
07:04 14 Apr 24
Nice experience with lots of vintage items. My family and I enjoyed ourselves:)
Tey Hui MingTey Hui Ming
07:03 14 Apr 24
Extensive display of toys
Max HuiMax Hui
07:08 12 Apr 24
staff so nice and helpful
Agnieszka WischowatyAgnieszka Wischowaty
09:07 07 Apr 24
Nice but a bit expensive for what it offers. You could see old toys from different countries. If you want to buy the tickets on site and only have cash, the tickets cost a few dollars more.
Lence LabiiLence Labii
04:33 02 Apr 24
We enjoyed it so much!Thank you❤️❤️
mui hua pangmui hua pang
03:56 02 Apr 24
It was a fascinating walk through the history of toysI never knew the Singaporean owner was such a passionate collector from a tender age of 7 and still collecting over 70 years! Highly recommend a visit or more!
rena .ongrena .ong
03:53 02 Apr 24
Five floors of amazing toys from 1840 to 1988 roughly, with a fantastic tour that explains everything and includes the history of the toys and the background history of why they were made. There was also cinemas show children’s films right now it’s Peter rabbit and other days it’s Superman and it’s in especially made cinema all Aircon and sofas And it will be a lovely day out. It’s just opposite raffles hotel, so right in the city center. Highly recommend.
Hanni KamarudinHanni Kamarudin
03:00 02 Apr 24
Mint Museum Of Toys brought back all those fond memories of my childhood kampung days where I got to play those traditional folk games like chapter congkak kite marbles spinning top etc and I considered myself as an expertise an excellent learning experience n knowledge on every level of the museum…What a moment of imagination and nostalgia with toys!
10:21 31 Mar 24
Excellent experience !Saw a lot and learned a lot. Toy is an important part of culture.
Etta ChiangEtta Chiang
09:37 31 Mar 24
A very place to visit when you are in Singapore.
Erwin RyyanErwin Ryyan
07:47 31 Mar 24
An incredible place for those knowledge seekers out there,So much history behind the simplest of toys.10/10 recommend
Wendy ChanWendy Chan
04:33 31 Mar 24
Very interesting experience for both kids and adults, my kids enjoyed a lot.
Zhitao FanZhitao Fan
04:03 31 Mar 24
There a lot toys, many funs with kids
Ganesh SomuGanesh Somu
08:17 30 Mar 24
Brought back childhood memories.....
Andrew Ch. PangemananAndrew Ch. Pangemanan
08:00 29 Mar 24
Nice place.
Anson SongAnson Song
08:48 27 Mar 24
Cool to see old toys, enjoyed it
08:48 27 Mar 24
p mikep mike
05:35 27 Mar 24
Nice vintage toys 🙂
Sydney cui (Sydney)Sydney cui (Sydney)
09:43 26 Mar 24
jing yi zhangjing yi zhang
09:43 26 Mar 24
Bohwern (BOB)Bohwern (BOB)
09:05 24 Mar 24
It was a nostalgic time portal 🙂 would love to see what other toys Mint Musuem puts up again!
04:19 24 Mar 24
Very interesting. My boy loves it.
04:14 24 Mar 24
We can enjoy drawing, coloring with a variety of toys here!
Sydney KwonSydney Kwon
04:11 24 Mar 24
you can recall your memories with kids together!
Great place for nostalgia!
Jasima Banu Akbar KhanJasima Banu Akbar Khan
08:22 23 Mar 24
Great place for kids to explore and learn more about vintage toys🤗
Aldo CarbottiAldo Carbotti
06:42 23 Mar 24
All very nice! Compact toy museum in the CBD. They screen cartoons during the visit. There is written content everywhere and augmented reality QR on every floor. I'll be back 😉
Barbara FumarolaBarbara Fumarola
06:32 23 Mar 24
Very nice and nostalgic museum! Super recommended 😎
09:10 22 Mar 24
Mr’ McsqibMr’ Mcsqib
09:34 19 Mar 24
This is a cool museum with lots of history inside. The toys range from very old to modern. The collection spans several countries and there is def something for everyone to enjoy. It’s kind of pricey, but it is what it is. It’s definitely a stop you should make if you have a little time to kill while in town on vacation or otherwise. I’ve always been a popeye fan and seeing some of these rare toys was great for me personally, def the best part.
aindrila karmakaraindrila karmakar
16:55 10 Feb 24
Excellent collection of vintage toys..step inside the place,bring u to a whole different nostalgic world.Experienced Mint Lumens,a completed different way of watching movie,breaks convention of watching traditional cinemas
Jude BingkasanJude Bingkasan
04:26 28 Jan 24
Chake ChakeChake Chake
11:02 26 Jan 24
For years I only saw these vintage Astro Boy figures and Felix the Cat dolls online, so to finally have the chance to see them in person was really special. The collection was well presented and had a great variety of toys. If you love all things vintage, you owe it to yourself to come here!
Joshua KohJoshua Koh
05:02 23 Jan 24
Nira MartinezNira Martinez
23:50 16 Jan 24
It's very pretty, but it was too small for me and comparing the price it's not worth it.
Angela LeeAngela Lee
12:00 14 Jan 24
While not a very big museum, it houses many unique toys that will remind one of childhood and the simpler days.Worth a visit for the nostalgia for locals, and a nice little look at toys of the past in Singapore.Head down for chicken rice balls along the same stretch before or afterwards.
Hubert YeoHubert Yeo
02:55 26 Aug 23
This was a fascinating collection of toys from across the world ! From obscure wooden models to dolls of every ilk and local examples like five stones and capteh, you will discover something you never knew existed. Worth a visit, and the rooftop area has a nice view of the skyline and Raffles Hotel ☺️
06:33 20 Aug 23
It is very meaningful experience to my child here.
qi Liqi Li
05:50 16 Aug 23
Very fun, friendly staff, love this place so much
ying ye chengying ye cheng
04:27 10 Aug 23
wonderful experience and good memories!
Had an AR guided story-telling tour and workshop for the kids. It will engage the younger kids with the toys exhibit and simple fun when the kids can colour and get their works scanned into the app and move it around in different views.5 levels of toys exhibit to view, it will surely bring back fond memories for the adults.If you are here in the evening, there is a roof top bar too! Nicely renovated space! Love it!
Andra ChiculitaAndra Chiculita
23:38 08 Aug 23
Perfect little museum sprinkled with enough interactive activities to keep everyone happy. The collection is well presented and you get a sense of how toys changed in time. We recognised enough familiar ones and discovered some we never knew existed. Look out for the Hitler Pin Cushion mocked Hitler and raised morale amongst Americans which made everyone laugh.
Swaroop ChitlurSwaroop Chitlur
07:17 14 Jun 23
Fascinating history of toys on display as well as story walls!Small place, but multiple floors. Good for half hour with kids.
Fun KwokFun Kwok
12:56 26 May 23
Brings back nostalgic memories of my old toys.Came here and had a blast of a time looking at all the toys which brought back so many memories of my old toys which unfortunately did not stand the test of time unlike the toys in this very fine museum.I especially love the displays of the Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat, Barbie and Mask toys. I am especially impressed with the Transformer toy which transforms into a cassette player.The most precious toy displayed would probably be the auction House certified Alice from Alice in Wonderland.I can’t wait to revisit this museum again to see the ever evolving collection of toys. Such a delight for adults and children alike. Thank you.

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