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this ar experience is optimised with voice and sound effects, please ensure your devices are not on silent mode when in play.

The MINT Museum of Toys is revolutionising the museum experience for our patrons – starting with a whole new AR-based experiential learning activity for adults! With the guidance of the Le Petit Prince, meet some of our museum’s prized vintage toys and characters as they personally share their historical and cultural significance backgrounds through 24 interactive 2D and 3D Augmented Reality (AR) touchpoints.

The Le Petit Prince is a timeless tale that touches upon childhood, imagination and the inevitability of growing up. Join the eponymous Prince as he brings you along an exciting AR Journey of Rediscovery in the MINT Museum of Toys through four main toy exhibitions – Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favourites and Collectables.

But don’t let the AR adventure end there! Check out the Stairwells exhibitions as well which includes Vintage Decorative Tins, Birth of Astro Boy, Spooky Horror, Bedtime Stories and the Beatles Memorabilia.

The Public Gallery located at Level R (Rooftop Level) is also home to our wacky host Mr Punch who will introduce some of the museum’s Vintage Enamel Signs which traces how these advertising signs document the many facets of everyday life for middle-class consumers between the 1800s to the mid-1900s.

The full AR Museum experience consists of a total of 37 touchpoints, a fun-filled experience for all museum-goers, families with children and young adults alike.

begin your journey with a map

Receive an AR Journey of Rediscovery Map to help you navigate through the museum and must-see AR touchpoints which will bring your museum experience to the next level!

This experiential learning activity is held on-site at the museum premises and features a specially curated and written story narrative revolving around how the Little Prince has arrived at a Seventh Planet called Earth and discovered the MINT Museum of Toys and its friendly inhabitants.

Follow the instructions on the map and you will find yourself embarking with the Little Prince on an unforgettable journey to rediscover toys and characters from different eras, countries, cultures and origins across before he journeys back home. Adults and kids alike can enjoy this exclusive peek into the stories behind our extensive collections, revealing the secret ways vintage toys and memorabilia can tell us unforgettable stories about the past and teach us important lessons for the future.

augmented reality cards

This AR Museum experiential activity begins when you get hold of a pack of Augmented Reality Cards to start your AR Journey of Rediscovery with Le Petit Prince.

Follow the number sequence on your AR cards as the main navigation of your AR journey. While you are browsing through the toy collections, you may also notice AR indicators around the museum or next to toys on display, these indicators acts as references of the toy or character featured in your AR cards.

Each touchpoint is a valuable learning resource for both kids and adults to delve into the wondrous histories of everyday toys and memorabilia around us. All AR touchpoints are optimised with voice and sound effects, please ensure your devices are not on silent mode in order to get the best experience possible! 

adventuring beyond the museum

You may bring this pack of cards home after your museum visit to enjoy the experiential AR touchpoints anytime, anywhere in the world!

These 37 AR cards drives learning and play through toy-based activities, enabling you to dive into the historical and cultural significance of toys and gain knowledge on backgrounds, functionality and art of toys as well. Toys aren’t just for little kids – and we’re here to show you that adults of all ages can have fun with toys too!

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exclusive preview of ar storytelling

The fun and activities don’t stop once you end your AR experience at our museum. Enjoy an exclusive preview of our AR Story-Colouring Books where you can scan through interactive storytelling narratives and scenes from 4 book titles using the free MINT Museum of Toys app.


With storylines based on the toy collections across four thematic levels of MINT Museum of Toys – Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favorites and Collectables – each storyline not only gives young readers an understanding of the toys’ personalities but also highlights important values of Determination, Confidence, Compassion and Appreciation. By creating an experiential learning experience using AR, our Story-Colouring Books enable adults to get children interested in reading, storytelling, and literacy through the wonders of technology.

Book Titles: 

A Singaporean’s Dream features the museum’s Collectables toy collection. 

The Grizzly Bear’s New Home features the museum’s Childhood Favourites toy collection. 

The Super Puppy In Me features the museum’s Characters toy collection. 

The Martian in the Sky features the museum’s Outerspace toy collection. 

To experience the colouring component of the AR Story-Colouring Book which consists of colouring pages where your personal coloured creations can also come alive in AR, download a separate app from here.



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