museum level 4: characters



Our contemporary building offers you unique spaces within the museum to book and host your event. Let our museum’s toy collection and nostalgic elements serve as a backdrop for imagination, creativity or open discussions at your event. See below for details and information to book a space for your event today!


Up to 20 guests

Hire Fees

$500 for use of space of up to 4 hours.

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looking for a venue for photoshoot?

One of the top photo shoot venues in Singapore right here at MINT Museum of Toys! 

There are multiple pockets of unique and interesting spaces you can explore for a fun and stress-free photoshoot here, find both indoor and outdoor venues within our contemporary building. 


Up to 4 guests / photography crew. 

Hire Fees

$300 for use of space up to 2 hours. 

pop-up exhibitions & collaborations

 MINT Museum of Toys believes in nurturing the arts and culture landscape in Singapore and beyond. As such, we welcome collaboration with cultural practitioners, including artists and curators through our unique and versatile exhibition spaces.