For those looking for a hidden gem to host their party, MINT Museum of Toys offers pop-up space for rental. Choose from our museum space or bar space for rent with sweeping views of the city. Whether you’re hosting an art exhibit or an intimate reception with us—our affordable prices will let you create occasions that are memorable!


Elevate your event with captivating pop-up concepts. Transform our versatile pop-up spaces into events to remember. Here are some ideas we can help bring to life in Singapore:

  • Immersive Art Installation: Invite guests to a creative display of  larger-than-life sculptures and interactive digital art adventures.
  • Themed Pop-Up Shops: Elevate shopping experiences with unique retail spaces featuring vintage fashion, crafts, and futuristic gadgets.
  • Culinary Delights: Indulge senses with pop-up dining, collaborating with renowned chefs for innovative food concepts.
  • Interactive Workshops: Engage attendees with hands-on art classes, DIY craft sessions, and creativity-inspiring activities.
  • Artistic Performances: Turn the space into a stage for captivating performances—live music, theatrical acts, and dance shows.
  • Collaborative Exhibitions: Unite artists, creators, and innovators for exhibitions blending diverse perspectives and talents.
  • Futuristic Tech Showcases: Display virtual reality demos, interactive gadgets, and AI-powered experiences for intrigue.
  • Cultural Celebrations: Curate pop-up events showcasing traditions, rituals, and art forms to foster understanding and appreciation.

Your imagination knows no bounds—let MINT Museum of Toys bring your vision to life for an unforgettable experience.


Come to our small private event spaces and experience the fun, intimate feel of our surroundings, perfect for sparking conversation with your guests. Each floor in this museum comes with its own specially curated touch—from iconic toys to memorabilia collections for pop-up display exhibitions. With seven configurations available (including outdoor options), each pop-up space lets you create an experience your guests will never forget!

Museum Rooftop Level

MINT Museum Rooftop Level is a versatile yet unconventional space built thoughtfully as a hybrid between an urban rooftop venue and an industrial exhibition space. Look forward to an interior that is modern and edgy, with a pop of attitude. You can set up your pop-up display across three sections:

The Public House

The Public House is a themed space giving you a glimpse of the 1800s. Vintage Enamel Signs adorn its walls while you host your event.

The Public Balcony

The Public Balcony has both a sheltered and open space offering you a view of Singapore’s stunning skyline.

The Public Bar

Elevate your event by combining the charm of the Public House with the scenic allure of the Public Balcony. Our bar space for rent is the epitome of versatility and style, offering your guests an experience like no other.

Museum Level 2 to Level 5

MINT Museum is a strong advocate of the arts and culture in Singapore. We support cultural practitioners, including artists and curators through our unique spaces.

The pop-up spaces from Level 2 to 5 are also versatile to create memorable birthday experiences, corporate events and intimate solemnisation ceremonies.

Past Events

Browse through our past successful pop-up exhibition displays and events at MINT Museum of Toys. Get inspired by the running themes and styles of these spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pop-up Space Rental

What is a pop-up space?

A pop-up space is a temporary venue for events such as pop-up shops, art exhibition displays, and other short-term events in Singapore. These are often in the form of short-term leases for commercial properties. They are usually used for retail stores, restaurants, bars, and other businesses that want to attract customers quickly. The lease is only valid for a certain period of time. After the lease expires, the property owner may decide to renew the lease or sell the space to another tenant.

What is a pop-up space?

A pop-up space is a temporary venue for events such as pop-up shops, art exhibition displays, and other short-term events in Singapore. 

How do pop-up events work?

Pop-up events involve leasing a venue from a vendor, setting up decorations according to the desired experience and doing promotions so people know about your event and attend it. Events are usually held for a short period of time, after which the set-up decorations will be dismantled, and the space is available for leasing again.

Are pop-up events successful?

Yes, pop-up events have been successful at MINT Museum of Toys. You can get in touch with us for more information.

How long do pop-up stores last?

Pop-up stores can last anywhere from one day to six months. Contact our team to discuss the length of your space lease.

How much does a pop-up space cost?

Our pop-up spaces for events are available from $500 for 2 hours.

How do I start a pop-up event?

To start planning for your pop-up event, reach out to our team. Besides pop-up exhibition display spaces, MINT Museum also provides birthday party and wedding event spaces in Singapore.

What makes a pop-up event successful?

If you’re thinking about hosting a pop-up event, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, find the right space and arrange for a lease from the vendor. Once confirmed, plan your invitations or distribution materials to spread the word. Generate buzz so people know about your event, when and where it will happen. Don’t forget to curate a memorable experience for your guests to enjoy. You want to leave them with the best impression. With careful planning, pop-up events can be a great way to engage your audience and build hype for your business.