Championing the heart and soul of private toy collectors, our UNBOX programme features seasonally themed exhibitions where we unbox rare, vintage and famous collections for public enjoyment. Committed to bridging the gap between toys and art, our UNBOX programme also serves as a creative ground for up-and-coming artists, collectors and curators  to explore alternative exhibition narratives. If you’re looking for an eventful time or a family bonding activity that is not just engaging but also enriching, our UNBOX programme is a perfect fit. 

Check out some of the UNBOX exhibitions here: Popeye & Vintage-Inspired Timepieces and Toy Figurines.


Families and young adults looking for exciting and unique activities can indulge in our seasonal pop-up events. These seasonal events at MINT Museum of Toys are specially curated to offer distinctive pop-up experiences entailing novel activities, games, shopping, and even F&B concepts and exhibitions.


If you want to learn about history through a new and exciting lens, this is the museum to visit in Singapore. Visitors of all ages are welcome to learn more about our collection, and to reminisce about their childhoods along the way. Each guided tour will allow you to:

  • Learn about the history and founder of the museum
  • Understand the historical and cultural significance of selected toys in the collection
  • Understand the functionality and design value of toys across different eras

Guided museum tours need to be booked in advance before your visit to the MINT Museum of Toys at 26 Seah Street. Pre-book your admission tickets for the guided tour below to guarantee your entry.  Admittance subject to existing safety requirements for public gatherings in Singapore.


Located right in the heart of Singapore, on 26 Seah Street S188382, the MINT Museum of Toys promises not only a great time for all our visitors, but convenient access as well. Situated nearby multiple MRT stations such as City Hall, Bugis, Bras Basah, and Esplanade, you can find our fun-filled family bonding experiences, kids activities and more within a comfortable walking distance from each of the above stations. 

We also offer guided museum tours and virtual voyages on top of our museum programmes. 

Book your tickets with us today, and prepare yourself to experience the magical moments of imagination and nostalgia nuanced to MINT Museum of Toys’ programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Bonding Activities at MINT Museum

What can I do to entertain my little kids?

MINT Museum brings together toys of yesteryear on a digitally interactive platform. To engage in fun family bonding activities, you may check out programmes such as Unbox where they can discover rare toys, or Journey of Discovery to spark their imagination with play.

Where can I take my little kids in Singapore?

Little kids appreciate activities that engage them in play and imagination and Singapore has plenty to offer them. You may interest them with a visit to the Singapore Zoo to introduce them to the wonders of wildlife, or bring them to the ArtScience Museum to admire the fusion of the arts and sciences. MINT Museum is also a great choice for family bonding with the kids for its great collection of toys.

What are four ways to promote family bonding?

Family bonding can be fostered right at home. As working parents, it may be a challenge to set aside time for these activities, but committing to them will pay off in the long run. Here are four activities to promote family bonding;

  1. Try to have a meal with your family at least three to four times a week
  2. Spend quality time with the kids even if it were 10 minutes of conversation and play
  3. Share expressions of love and support daily. This could be greetings or showing love through hugs and kisses.
  4. Bring your family out for a fun trip to a family-friendly attraction such as the River Safari or MINT Museum.

How can family relationships best be improved by activities?

Family relationships can be improved by building genuine emotional and mental connections. You can ask your family members about their day during meal time or while they are relaxing at home. Engaging them in conversation shows that you are interested in what they do and builds a trusting bond. Bringing your family out can also have everyone engaged in the same activities. It is a good bonding opportunity.

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