Aesthetics and Creative Expression

Aesthetics involves the love and pursuit of beauty as found in art, music and movement. It creates opportunities for the creative expression of emotions and ideas.

In this Learning Journey at MINT Museum of Toys, we have included learning points of art, music and movement in each of our 4 trails – Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favourites & Collectables — to foster the holistic development of pre-school children, including the cognitive, physical, social-emotional and creative domains.

Each trail provides a range of stimuli, ideas and opportunities for children to colour, express and move! These experiences help promote children’s imagination and creativity.


The pre-school years are a crucial time for learning, as this is the age when foundational skills are built up to prepare young children for formal schooling. One way to enhance the learning experience is through practicing active learning which engages higher-level skills such as thinking, discussing, investigating, and creating. As adults these skills may seem like second nature but for a preschooler, these are brand new skills to acquire!

Okay Play is one of the most effective and intuitive ways for children to learn about the world around them, and as a toy museum in Singapore that’s one of the things we know best! Our field trips for preschoolers use a variety of active learning strategies to keep the kids engaged so that they can get the most out of our learning journeys. These activities include roleplaying, arts and crafts, movement, and puppetry so that the kids are never bored. With 4 trails to choose from – each with their own storyline and uniquely featured toys – we are always striving to be a place where children can learn and develop new skills while having fun.


A field trip takes students outside of school to undergo new experiences, acquire unique content knowledge, and hone their critical thinking skills that they have usually learnt during classroom lessons. This lets them draw and reinforce connections between their classroom knowledge and the real world. Field trips are common amongst students in Singapore at every age group, and are also a good way for students to bond with their classmates in a fun and engaging environment.
There are all kinds of field trips available for schools in Singapore to choose from. If you are looking for a field trip for preschoolers with active learning activities that focus on creativity, imagination, and aesthetics, look no further than the MINT Museum of Toys.

The length of a field trip varies according to the host or venue organising it. The field trip programmes for preschoolers here at the MINT Museum of Toys last for 60 minutes. If your school in Singapore is interested in having a field trip to our museum, get in touch with us for more information.

The best type of school field trip is one that actively engages its students and provides a unique experience that will let them learn through having fun. Our learning journeys for preschoolers here at the MINT Museum of Toys are designed to practice active learning through experiential activities. As play is the natural way that young children learn best, we emphasise the importance of having fun throughout the trip so that they can stay meaningfully engaged with the activities.
Active learning is a key part of early childhood education. It refers to allowing children to directly interact with the environment around them so that they can learn through sensory activities and input. Simply put it is one of the most intuitive ways that preschoolers learn, and has many benefits such as improving their self-esteem, finetuning their motor skills, and boosting crucial skills in problem-solving, creativity, reasoning, and teamwork.
Children naturally engage with and interpret the world around them through the process of play. This does not just refer to having fun but to allowing children to freely explore the environment around them in order to make sense of new experiences. The best active learning experiences for preschoolers are ones that recognise this and thus use a range of sensory stimuli and fun activities to allow children to express their imagination and creativity.

Learn about art, music and movement
from our 4 trails

Museum Level 5
LearnING Through Outerspace

Five years ago, a terrible space crash happened that left an Astronaut and his handy robot assistant, Hook Robot, stranded on a strange faraway planet. In this exciting Outerspace Trail, the children will take part in a rescue mission to bring the stranded astronaut back to Earth. With no one to call for help, with aliens looming nearby and no spaceship to travel, how will they get back to Earth?

Through this immersive outerspace adventure, pre-school learners will be prompted to think about communication and transportation systems based on the museum’s toys, such as the Space Patrol Walkie Talkie, Space Gun and The Moon ZX-8. These activities in the adventure will allow the children to explore elements of art as well as dynamics of sound-making and movements.

The programme will end with each child going through an interactive hands-on activity featuring ‘The Martian in the Sky’ AR Story-Colouring Book

Museum Level 4
Learning Through CHARACTERS

Tintin the reporter has received an urgent case to investigate a mysteriously hijacked train. As it turns out, the Joker has stolen one of Japan’s high-speed bullet trains!

In this Character Trail, the children will take part in an exciting mission and meet popular characters such as Tintin, Batman and Tetsujin 28. With the Joker threatening to derail the train, will they be able to rescue the passengers and stop the train in time?

Through this immersive dramatisation of the railway adventure, the children will communicate through an alarm system and explore the railway system based on the museum’s Toys, such as Snowy Alarm Clock, Batman and Flying Tetsujin 28. These adventures will allow the children to explore the tones and pitches in different clocks, identify the shapes, colours and materials used in toys, as well as body-shaping and movements through tableaux.

The programme will end with each child going through an interactive hands-on activity featuring a ‘Super Puppy in Me’ AR Story-Colouring Book

Childhood Favorites
Museum Level 3
Learning Through Childhood favourites

The ringmaster of a newly opened circus is getting ready to present his first act of the evening. However, he realises that all of his acrobats and performers are missing! In this Childhood Favourites Trail, the children will be helping the ringmaster put up an exciting circus performance. With no performers, no instruments and no costumes, how will they entertain the audience who are waiting eagerly behind the curtains?

Through this immersive dramatisation of a circus adventure, the children explore different types of materials and costumes, learn about examples of musical and puppetry acts based on the museum’s toys, such as the Manchu Lady, Teddy Bear Riding Tricycle and Mr. Punch. These learning activities within the adventure will allow the pre-schoolers to explore shapes and materials of toys, rhythm and tempo of  instruments, as well as dramatic characterisation through different types of puppetry.

The programme will end with each child going through an interactive hands-on activity featuring ‘The Grizzly Bear’s New Home’ AR Story-Colouring Book

Museum Level 2
Learning Through collectables

An explorer has received a mysterious map marked with an X right at her door. Convinced that it is a map leading to a huge pile of treasure, the explorer decides to go on an adventure deep into the forest.

In this Collectables Trail, the children will join the explorer in her treasure hunt! With no tools and lots of scary beasts looming in the deep dark forest, will they be able to find the treasure?

Through this immersive dramatisation of the treasure-hunting adventure, the children will identity tools that can help defend themselves from beasts and unravel the mystery behind an abandoned treasure based on the museum’s toys, such as The Drummer Boy, Bear Clicker Toy, Snappy – The Happy Bubble Blowing Dragon and Greyhound Lines Bus.

The activities within the adventure will allow the pre-school learners to explore dynamics and pitches, as well as the relationship between rhythm and movement. Learning activities involving various instruments, body movement and mechanics will be conducted, as well as identifying lines, shapes, textures through observation and tactile exploration.

The programme will end with each child going through an interactive hands-on activity featuring ‘A Singaporean’s Dream’ AR Story-Colouring Book