The Colouring Space Featuring Faber-Castell is a project in collaboration with Faber-Castell Singapore. With Faber-Castell’s rich history and heritage in creating stationeries for generations to explore various mediums, techniques and styles of artistic expression, the museum appreciates the shared values and beliefs with Faber-Castell to create a Colouring Space that encourages creativity and imagination, taking inspirations from the museum and its toy collections.


Enter the Colouring Space at Level 4 Characters and be welcomed by a featured exhibition and be introduced to Faber Castell’s long history spanning for over 260 years.

A curation of Faber Castell’s most prized stationery innovations are on display, including the World’s Oldest Surviving Pencil from the 17th century, found hidden in the attic of a house built in 1630.

Exclusively selected to be displayed within the MINT Museum of Toys is also the World’s Most Expensive Pencil known as the Limited Edition Graf Von Faber-Castell Perfect pencil valued at $23,268 today. This pencil is crafted with 240 year old olive wood and 18 carat white gold including the design of a built-in eraser and sharpener. There are only 99 pieces made in the world and on display is numbered 82. 

World’s Oldest Surviving Pencil Displayed at MINT Museum of Toys


The concept of the Colouring Space also draws inspiration from the therapeutic benefits of art-making and colouring, whether they are experimenting with colors, doodling or engaging in structured craft activities, visitors are encouraged to express themselves authentically with an array of Faber Castell high quality colour pencils, connector pens, grip crayons products and technical information made available. 

The inclusion of child-friendly furniture is also provided within the Colouring Space as the museum believes kid-sized furniture stimulates children’s senses of touch and sight and strongly motivates children to approach the space for exploration and learning. 

Faber Castell has also collaborated with the museum to design exclusive colouring sheets that are fun as a colouring activity within the museum and also free for children or visitors to take photos of their coloured creations or simply as museum memorabilia.


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