Virtual Museum TOURS

Have you ever wanted more from your museum-going experience? Our Virtual Museum invites you to reach past the glass to meet some of the star toys from two of our permanent exhibitions – Collectables and Childhood Favourites.

Through a 360° virtual environment, you will be introduced to a specially curated collection of vintage toys through animated clips, guided voice narration and minigames.

You will also get a chance to learn about the museum’s larger collections, some of which you just have to see in person! Unleash your inner child and explore the vintage collections of the MINT Museum of Toys in Singapore. Join us on an exciting virtual tour right from the comfort of your home today!

Discover the Power and Past of Toys through Time

The Collectables virtual exhibition spans a number of key collections which trace centuries of play, showing how the world of toys has been shaped by major global events in Singapore and worldwide. Come play an ancient Indian board game which introduced children to important moral questions, or let our animations transport you into the exciting landscape of the Industrial Revolution, when globalisation sent the climbing monkey and other popular toys to far flung corners of the earth. 

Our hands-on museum exhibits are designed to let you travel back in time, to understand how toys capture and respond to historical, political, and cultural changes. Listen to a narrated 19th century children’s book to learn about the complicated history of the golliwogg, and hear the heart-rending story of Chinese refugees in Hong Kong by exploring our Michael Lee collection. Through this online tour, you will find that toys are not just mere playthings, but also valuable historical artefacts that document and preserve our past.

Discover Iconic Childhood Toys in a Whole New Light

The Childhood Favourites virtual exhibition offers a valuable glimpse into different experiences of early childhood from all around the world, while showcasing some of the museum’s rarest and most sought-after toys. Navigate the complex social hierarchies of 1920s Shanghai with our Door of Hope dolls, which became unexpected ambassadors for women’s independence by transforming the lives of young orphaned girls through education; or let the Sea View Hotel Chef take you on a grand culinary voyage amidst the glitz and glamour of New Year’s Eve banquets during Singapore’s pre-war hotel boom.

Come relive the joy of childhood seaside vacations with a tour through our extensive range of Punch and Judy puppets, and discover a time when children’s entertainment looked very different. Join a three-part online storytelling session, or try piecing together a classic Punch and Judy storyline through our interactive touchpoints! Our handcrafted international dolls, puppets, and teddy bears have a lot to say – we invite you to hear their stories, or play a game with them!

In addition, take a look at how our event space is transformed by one of the museum’s core programmes UNBOX into a multidisciplinary seasonal exhibition titled “ThisConnect: What Am I, If I Am Not”, organised in collaboration with mental health advocacy group ThisConnect.Today. By bringing together members of Singapore’s community, the works exhibited explore pressing issues surrounding mental health, human connection, and emotional wellness.