Experiential Learning Activities
for Adults

In recent years, there’s been a growing international emphasis on lifelong learning, particularly for adults who aim to stay up-to-date, acquire new insights, and develop relevant skills in a rapidly changing world.

Experiential activities at these workshops are designed to help learners rediscover a rich tapestry of multi-racial heritage, historical and art narratives, as well as diverse cultures. All of this is achieved through our world-class toy collection, while also imparting essential skills in creative thinking and design.

Explore MINT Museum of Toys’s experiential activities for adults below.


Dive into the Toybox: Fun Experiential Learning Activities for Adults

Unlock a new dimension of learning with the MINT Museum of Toys’ exclusive workshops designed for adults. Step back in time and explore the fascinating world of toys, each shedding light on various aspects of society, technology, and culture. Here are the four enriching activities to look forward to:

  • Activity 1: Rise of Artificial Intelligence from Outerspace Toys
  • Activity 2: Technological Advancements from Characters Toys
  • Activity 3: Changing Demographics from Childhood Favourites Toys
  • Activity 4: Pros and Cons of Globalisation from Collectables Toys

Engage in these adult experiential learning activities to deepen your understanding of our museum and the valuable collectibles it houses.

Activity 1: Rise of Artificial Intelligence from Outerspace Toys

Step into the future by revisiting the past in our Outerspace Collection centred around toys based on space and technology. 

Looking to engage in team bonding activities that blend history with futuristic aspirations? Embark on a whole new Augmented Reality (AR) experiential learning activity with the Xperience AR Museum tour. Under the guidance of the Le Petit Prince, adults can take a tour of the museum’s prized vintage toys and characters as they personally share their historical and cultural significance backgrounds through 24 interactive 2D and 3D AR touchpoints.

To further enhance your AR experience, download the AR Storybook app to bring toys and characters to life right before your eyes.

For educators, these experiential activities serve as an invaluable resource for learning how to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts into your teaching, making it exciting and interactive.

Activity 2: Technological Advancements from Characters Toys

Discover the fascinating connection between cinematic animations and toys with our Characters Collection. From iconic action figures inspired by blockbuster animated movies to collectibles that bring animated characters to life, this collection takes you on a journey through the world of animation and its influence on toy-making. 

Teachers will find this workshop beneficial for understanding the social impact of technology. It provides an interactive setting for professional development and offers unique perspectives for incorporating technology discussions in the classroom.

Activity 3: Changing Demographics from Childhood Favourites Toys

Venture into the past with our Childhood Favourites Collection containing toys that shaped your childhood, while understanding how these treasures reflect the changing demographics of society. Whether it’s the introduction of more diverse dolls or culturally inclusive games, this adult experiential learning activity delves into the societal impacts reflected in toys.

For educators, it also serves as a catalyst for discussions around social studies, helping students understand the dynamics of changing demographics and cultural representation.

Activity 4: Pros and Cons of Globalisation from Collectables Toys

Explore the history and impact of globalisation through the lens of our Collectables Collection on this compelling adult experiential learning activity. From toys that were made as a result of international collaborations to those that have gained global popularity, engage in a comprehensive discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of globalisation.

Also uncover the museum’s unique Second World War toy collection at Level 2 Collectables. This distinct collection showcases toys crafted during the tumultuous era of World War II, highlighting pieces from both the Allied Forces such as Britain, France, USSR, USA and the Axis Powers like Germany, Italy, and Japan. History teachers will find this activity particularly enlightening as it offers inspiration for engaging classroom discussions on the impacts of wars. Dive into a historical journey that goes beyond textbooks, revealing the stories and sentiments encapsulated in these wartime toys.

Experience and Learn: Your Journey Begins Here

Who says toys are just for kids? At the MINT Museum of Toys, we believe in the universal language of play and the profound stories that toys can tell. Engage in an assortment of fun, immersive activities designed for adults, each one enriching your understanding of history, culture, and even technology. For educators, our museum is a treasure trove of experiential learning that can elevate your teaching style and enrich your curriculum.

Other Fun and Experiential Activities for Adults

  • Museum tours: Experience captivating tours such as Around the World in 60 Minutes that dive deep into the stories behind our remarkable collection, guided by our well-informed guides. 
  • Beatles memorabiliaThis exhibition showcases The Beatles’ rise to fame, with products like media clips, vinyl records, printed materials, special edition toys, and unique merchandise on display.

Experience and Learn: Your Journey Begins Here

Whether you’re an educator looking for innovative ways to integrate real-world learning into your teaching or simply someone keen on reliving the magic of your own childhood together with your colleagues, our experiential activities for adults provide an enriching blend of education, engagement, and fun.

And it’s not just adults we cater to. We offer enriching learning journeys for all ages, including Preschool Learning Journeys and Primary School Learning Journeys. Embark on a journey of discovery and make learning come alive with the MINT Museum of Toys. Your adventure of learning, growth, and play awaits!