Blending the sensory delight of wine tasting, and cultural richness and appreciation of the museum. This experience aims to challenge traditional notions of where and how wine can be enjoyed.

Immerse yourself in the ambience of vintage toys and collectables made between the 1840s to 1980s, bringing about a sense of sophisticated nostalgia. Soak into an inviting atmosphere, intriguing conversations and whispers of bygone times.

Join us for an unforgettable experience where refined pleasures meet unique discoveries.

Be surprised by the unexpected selection of wines* from different countries and grapes and create memorable ‘Happy Hour’ experiences before heading to dinner at one of the many must-try restaurants in the hood such as Burgers and Lobster at Raffles Hotel or a fancy diner at Chijmes, both historic landmarks in Singapore!

La Petite Gargotte


Full bodied, rich and succulent with dark plummy fruits, hints of five spice and a touch of leafy mint on soft easy drinking tannins that melt away in the mouth.

La Petite Gargotte

Sauvignon Blanc

Light crisp dry white wine with delicate tropical fruits with a hint of citrus notes on a dry clean finish.

The Happy Hour in the Museum experience begins at Level 3 Childhood Favourites where the wines are served. 


With a glass of wine in hand, guests are free to savour wines while roaming around the museum to discover its vintage toy collections across Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favourites, Collectables as well as featured exhibitions at the Stairwells such as The Birth of Astro Boy


In the midst of your experience, you can keep a look out for unique toys like the  the Oldest Toy in the Museum!

Chinese Stairs



Year of Make


Country of Origin






To top it off, look out for interactive card games within corners of the museum with a local twist such as ‘The Singaporean Dream’ that lets you discover the perfect way to be a Singaporean or ‘The Durian Game’ giving you all the deeds you need to know to be become the Durian King! Other classic games such as Pictionary, a charades-inspired game created in 1981 as well as Scrabble, a word game invented in 1948 are also available for entertainment. 


Colouring activities have been commonly associated with children but did you know in recent years, it has gained popularity amongst adults alike as a relaxing and creative way to unwind from the stresses of daily life? 

The museum has a dedicated Colouring Space where guests can explore various mediums, techniques and styles of colouring through materials and colouring activities provided.


Guests are also welcome to enjoy complimentary movie screenings organised by MINT Lumens, featuring a wide genre of films which could include nostalgic titles from as early as the 1910s, classics from the golden age of animation, superhero & character blockbusters and tales as old as time. Refer to the MINT Lumens page to find out more about the movies that will be screening during your Happy Hour in the Museum session. 


Embark on a unique corporate team bonding experience as you wind down from work with your colleagues and team mates over two hour free-flow wines in the museum, the perfect TGIF before the start of a great weekend! 

Red and white wines are served on free flow at Level 3 of the museum and with a glass in hand, you can gather into groups with your peers and bond over some of the museum’s most significant toys such as a Century Old Steiff Teddy Bear or Batman with Cape and Sword known to be the only complete set in the world. 

On top of exploring the museum and its toy collections, create conversations and laughters as your team engages in interactive card games, classic board games and even traditional toys such as Five Stones, Chapteh, Congkat. You can even use these free activities to create activities or friendly competitions amongst your teams! 

Guided tours are available and can be curated for this team bonding session as well. 

Enquire below to find out more about how we can create a fun and memorable team bonding experience for your team today. 

When it comes to Happy Hour in Singapore, it is usually hard to find a place that offers free flow drinking with no 10% service charge and 9% GST but you will be pleasantly surprised to know that Happy Hour in the Museum is service charge and GST INCLUSIVE!

It is safe to say there are plenty to do while guests enjoy a tipple (or two!) in hand at Happy Hour in the Museum.

Fridays & Saturdays
5:00PM- 7:00PM

4:30PM – 6:30PM

Important Note

This experience abides by Singapore’s legal drinking age of 18 years old. The museum has the right to request for verification of age before allowing visitor entry to the museum for this experience.

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