The MINT Museum of Toys is proud to collaborate with the following featured brands whom have in different forms and specialisations, shared common beliefs, values and dedicated efforts to work alongside the museum to create meaningful programmes and activities catered for different audiences.

Learn more about our brand collaborations below.

Born in 1943 in New York, The Little Prince is a worldwide publishing phenomenon.

The Little Prince is a philosophical tale that has been passed on and shared from generation to generation for the past 80 years. A creator of links between generations, people and continents, The Little Prince is also an icon of sustainable development, a promoter of world peace and an advocate of children’s rights.

The Little Prince has been a licensed brand featured at the MINT Museum of Toys since 2021, bringing together fans of the cult favourite character from all over the world. 
As The Little Prince is a timeless tale that touches upon childhood, imagination and the inevitability of growing up, the MINT Museum of Toys sees The Little Prince’s personality as an explorer and morals of this tale very much in sync with the museum’s beliefs of wanting visitors to revisit the past, rekindling childhood memories and creating moments of imagination and nostalgia with toys.
With that in mind, the museum wrote an original story narrative within the museum XperienceAR Museum experience featuring him as an explorer who is continuing his adventures in the vast universe before discovering planet Earth and to his pleasant surprise, the MINT Museum of Toys!

In 1996, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong highlighted the need for Singapore to become a gracious society by the 21st century and considerable social behaviour supported by a strong economy and good government will make Singapore the best home for its people.

In line with Mr Goh’s call to build a gracious society, the Singapore Kindness Movement, formed in 1997, aims to encourage Singaporeans to make a real commitment to gracious living through simple acts of kindness in their daily activities.

Since 2023, the MINT Museum of Toys has collaborated with Singapore Kindness Movement to provide a Kindsville Learning Journey Programme catered specially for Preschoolers aged 5 and 6 in Kindergarden years with the objective to help them understand the concept of what it means to be kind and learn about the 5 Kindsville Magic Words (Please, Thank you, Im Sorry, Excuse Me and You’re Welcome) through the museum’s Outerspace themed toys. 

Based on Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework guidelines and objectives for preschool learning, the programme was created by the museum to ensure learners will develop social and cognitive skills, gain self-worth and confidence required to engage in new experiences with fellow peers as well. 


Through meeting the museum’s toys with Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, the Kindsville Learning Journey programme will provide a range of stimuli, scenarios, ideas and opportunities for children to communicate, express and embrace what it means to be kind to one another. The programme will help promote learner’s imagination, creativity and social responsibility through the museum’s vintage toy collections from Outerspace.