Primary learning at Singapore’s MINT Museum of Toys encourages key components of student development suitable for children aged 7 – 12 years.

Through individual work or team collaboration, knowledge skills are taught through facilitated interactions and experiences planned in our programmes, with a focus on instilling values and developing thinking and communication skills. A school excursion to this museum will offer primary school students a fresh approach to exploring subjects like the arts and sciences in Singapore.

An example would be learning about pulley systems and energy with our climbing, pulling monkey toy made in 1903 tackling this subject area in science. Our oldest toy in the museum, hand painted in the 1840s and made out of composition materials, offers educational insights on different mediums and techniques students may use in art classes and other related subjects.

Learning Journey for Lower Primary

Learn about art with a school field trip to the MINT Museum of Toys. Primary school learners will be able to explore the basics of different visual art genres through four interactive and hands-on learning trails focusing on Landscape, Still Life, Portraits, and Real Life and History. This lower primary learning journey aims to encourage a love for art and a zest for creativity and self-expression in our primary school learners.

Learning Journey for upper PrimarY

Our upper primary science trails help learners to appreciate the way different scientific phenomena occur in our everyday lives. Exploring concepts relating to matter, energy and force, upper primary students will be able to partake in educational games and learning experiments modelled on some of our vintage toys. Book an upper primary school field trip with us today!

The MINT Museum of Toys also has other exciting school excursion opportunities tailored to students of different age groups in Singapore. Discover more about the Learning Journeys we have on offer or get in contact with any questions you may have for us.