Pre-Schooler Learners
Learning Journey for Pre-School Learners!


The learning of science is based on themes that students can relate to in their everyday experiences and to the commonly observed phenomena in nature.

In our Learning Journey at MINT Museum of Toys, we aim to enable students to appreciate the relationship between different scientific ideas and our everyday occurrences.

How does water become ice? How does a remote-controlled car work? Why do things fall when we drop them?

In our Upper Primary Science Trails, we will explore Cycle of Matter, Energy and Force through exciting games and experiments based on our vintage toys!

Aesthetics and Creative Expression

Aesthetics involves the love and pursuit of beauty as found in art and music and movement.
It creates opportunities for the creative expression of emotions and ideas.

Through Learning Journey at MINT Museum of Toys, we have included learning points of art,
music and movement
in each of our 4 trails – Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favourites & Collectables to foster the development of the whole child, including the cognitive, physical, social-emotional and creative domains.

Each trail provides a range of stimuli, ideas and opportunities for children to draw, create, sing with actions and movement or even plays musical instruments. These experiences help promote children’s imagination and creativity.

Learning points of CYCLE OF MATTER, ENERGY and FORCE are included in each of oUR 3 trails.
Museum Level 5
Learning Through cycle of matter

Something’s smoking! Is that fire? 

In this Cycle of Matter, the students will investigate the changing state of water from evaporation to condensation and melting to freezing through exciting experiments and activities. Using our Toys, such as Smoking Spaceman, Dan Dare Space Gun and Baragon, they will explore the different ways of steam/smoke production, identify similar functions in household appliances, as well as the transition between solid and liquid in different materials in toymaking. 

At the end of the trail, the students will be given the opportunity to make their own colourful popsicles using fun and interesting mould. The process of moulding and freezing the popsicles not only illustrates the changing state of matter from liquid to solid but also imitates the process of die-casting in toys!

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Museum Level 4
Learning Through energy

A toy car is moving by itself! How did it happen?

In this Energy Trail, the students will investigate the functions of different energy and the conversion of energy through play and experiments. Using our toys such as, Batmobile (with Robin), Tom & Jerry Comic Car, Popeye Trapeze and Popeye and Row Boat, the students will identify various power sources and potential energy, experiment with the transfer of energy from a distance, and explore the efficiency in energy conversion. 

At the end of the trail, the students will be given the opportunity to make their own wind-powered boat using a balloon! In this activity the students will not only replicate our boat toy but also explore the conversion of energy from potential energy to kinetic energy without using batteries! 

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Museum Level 2
Learning Through force

Why do things fall and not float? 

In this Force Trail, the students will be exploring the gravitational , elastic force and frictional force through exciting games and experiments. Using our toys such as, Climbing Monkey, Baby Feeding Dog, Philippine Jeepney, Greyhound Lines and Monkey Tumbling, the students will investigate the deformation of springs and rubber bands, explore opposing motion in gears, as well as the effect of gravity in moving objects. 

At the end of the trail,  the students will be given the opportunity to make their own pull-back car powered simply by a rubber band! In this activity, the students will replicate our pull-back toy car while exploring the mechanism of elastic force. 

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