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MINT Lumens provides unconventional film and screening experiences set amidst the nostalgic backdrop of a vintage toy museum and features films across genres including classics, iconic blockbusters or lesser-known indie gems. 
Screenings take place regularly on the first Friday and last Saturday of every month as well as on celebratory occasions.

Bid farewell to the constraints of traditional cinemas. Picture cozy corners within the museum, inviting you and your companions to relax against life-sized plush teddy bears or arrange your seating freely. Whether on a date or enjoying a night out with friends, MINT Lumens promises an entirely unique film appreciation encounter.

Wine in the Museum

Starting at 6:30pm, the MINT Lumens programme includes a wine tasting experience at Childhood Favourites Level 3.

At every MINT Lumens screening, the museum selects a unique vintage from a different country or region. Each wine is accompanied by context and tasting notes, allowing you to immerse in a tapestry of flavours and traditions.

We have taken inspiration from the museum’s vintage toy collections, hailed from over 40 countries.

The selected wine featured, will also be available for purchase by the bottle at exclusive prices for MINT Lumens’ guests.

Collection Sharing

Prior to the film screening includes:

A Museum Collection Sharing Session
We welcome collectors, movie enthusiasts or simply curious individuals to explore never-before discussed topics about the world of collecting, cultural & societal movements as well as controversial themes.

Individuals who sign up for MINT Lumens, and are keen to host these Museum Collection Sharing sessions may write to info@emint.com to find out more.

Keen to Host Sharing Sessions


7:30pm Onwards – Screening 

A high-powered laser projector accompanied by a customised 250 inches widescreen display coated in Screen Goo – specially formulated paint meant for high performance projection enhances any screening at MINT Lumens. 

The screening experience is further enhanced with a clear distribution audio system to provide cinematic-quality effects. There are also additional Invisa 650 speakers with folder ribbon tweeters to provide extreme wide dispersion of audio throughout the space. 

Set yourself up on one of the cozy foldable chairs with armrests or life-sized teddy bears and enjoy the screenings just like you would at home. 

Book for an Event

The entire space can also be booked for your personal MINT Lumens screening, allowing you to tailor the adventure to your preferences. MINT Lumens beckons the adventurous souls seeking a departure from the ordinary, an invitation to explore the uncharted, and a guarantee of cinematic encounters that challenge conventions and redefine expectations. 

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