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Created for families with young children from the ages of four to 12 years old, this series of Augmented Reality story-colouring books epitomises learning through interaction and creativity.

Storylines of the books are based on the museum’s toy collections across four thematic levels – Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favourites and Collectables. Each storyline is designed for kids to easily understand easy concepts of space travel, history and culture while also highlighting important values of Determination, Confidence and Appreciation of each other. 

Have fun through education and interaction as you watch the toys come alive with augmented reality. Download the app to learn through play today.

augmented reality book series:

Short stories about Singapore
A Singaporean’s Dream

Born in 1920s in early Singapore, Elizabeth grew up in a kampung surrounded by mangrove swamps and rubber plantations.

During that time, Singapore was already a busy trading port with merchants arriving from all over the world. In the streets and alleys, there would also be many barefooted rickshaw pullers carrying passengers all over the island. At every corner of the island, Elizabeth would watch the busy coolies toiling under the sun while working in mines, ports and construction sites.

Although she loved her beautiful kampung, she often dreamed of a modernised Singapore in the distant future. How has Singapore progressed since then?

The Super Puppy in Me
The Super Puppy in Me

Snowy, a white terrier puppy, has always dreamed of being a superhero. He would often run around the neighbourhood wearing his torn up sofa covers as a cape and pretend that he is Batman saving Gotham city.

However, after being mocked by the other animals in the neighbourhood for being weak and small, he decided to head into the jungle to learn from the bigger and stronger animals.

Just as he arrived deep in the jungle, he saw a group of poachers ambushing and trapping the Yogi Bear who was roaring in pain. With no superheroes in sight, can Snowy rescue Yogi Bear before the poachers come back? 

The Grizzly Bear’s New Home

In the middle of a hot and dry summer, a terrible forest fire broke out and destroyed the home of a grizzly bear. As he was escaping from the fire, he realised that the fire had turned the forest into a dried-piece of land. Feeling distraught, he wandered out of the forest to look for a new home.

First, he arrived at a luxurious hotel by the sea. However, the hotel guests were frightened by the grizzly bear’s ferocious teeth and he was shooed away. Next, he decided to join a marching band troupe in the hopes that they would give him a home. However, the grizzly bear’s sharp claws scratched their expensive drum skin and they shooed him away once again.

With his scary teeth and dangerous claws, will the grizzly bear ever find a new home?

The Martian in The Sky

Tom has always loved reading books about aliens in the Outerspace. On one starry night, he encountered a mysterious flying saucer which flew across the sky.

Convinced that he had discovered a real alien, he drew up a detailed plan and headed straight to the International Outerspace Agency. However, the experts at the agency scoffed at the thought of aliens and dismissed Tom. Just then, a Hook Robot approached him and offered to build a rocket for the mission.

With their newly built Moon Rocket XM-12, will Tom and the Hook Robot finally meet the mysterious alien in the Outerspace?

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FAQs About Our AR Story COLOURING Book

1. How do I ACCESS the
augmented reality (AR) story COLOURING BOOKS?

Start by downloading the free augmented reality (AR) story colouring book app designed by the MINT Museum of Toys. Simply scan the QR code above, or search for ‘MINT Museum of Toys’ app on your Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

Please ensure that you have a suitable mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, that is compatible with AR compatible apps. 

The AR story colouring book experience is available via learning journey programmes and private workshops. 

2. Is the AR app suitable for kids?

Yes! Our AR story colouring books are designed to transport children between the ages of four to 12 years old into a magical world of storytelling and fun. The app can be used by parents to teach small children, or for the kids to navigate through themselves. It’s a fun and interactive tool for education and learning!

3. How can I find out more information about the app?

Want to learn more about our fun app? Drop us a line or contact us via our online form, and our team will get back to you soon. Or even better, visit our museum located at 26 Seah Street, Singapore 188 382 to join our museum tour and seek the answers to your questions there!