Who says learning stops once you’re out of school? Fuel your child’s love for lifelong learning with our educational workshops for kids. Through the use of vintage and historical toys and collectibles, the MINT Museum of Toys is the perfect place to introduce your child (at any age!) to the creativity, imagination, and inventiveness that’s all around us. Forget boring history lessons behind a school room desk – our space is where kids can be introduced to the principles of creativity and design thinking while rediscovering multi-racial heritage, history & arts as well as diversified cultures in Singapore and worldwide.


Although we aren’t a dedicated children’s museum, there’s no denying that kids feel an undeniable pull to toys and collectibles – from any era! So it’s only natural that our toy collections are the vehicles through which our workshops cultivate a sense of imagination in young ones. Our flagship educational programme is the Journey of Rediscovery Tour and Workshop, which includes our AR Museum Xperience and is suitable as a school trip or even as a weekend day out for families.

Stay tuned for more children’s workshops coming your way in the future!


Get in touch to find out more about our educational workshops for kids in Singapore. Our educational and cultural programmes are targeted at visitors of all ages including learning journeys for students. The museum also offers guided and online tours to give you a peek into our world-class collection of toys, collectables, and memorabilia.


Creative workshops are important for kids because they provide them with a safe, supportive and open environment to share and brainstorm innovative ideas – in other words, to practise their creative thinking skills.

Creative thinking skills like aesthetic, divergent, lateral, inspirational and convergent thinking are essential in guiding kids to problem-solve with greater inquisitiveness and independence. This will set them up for success in school and later in life as they progress in their careers.

Design thinking considers real-world problems and research to inform novel ideas. When explaining to your kids the concept of design thinking, you may use various toy examples in the past and present and how they were influenced by and impacted the societies of the time. For instance, the need for greater representation of society in the toys industry led to the creation of black and brown-faced dolls. This allowed younger girls to relate to themselves better and establish stronger connections with themselves through improved self-expression. Our workshops and tours include background information like this on the toys so that your kids can better understand the context that influenced their design.

Anybody can participate in design thinking workshops, with kids benefiting from these the most. You may consider our creative and design thinking workshops as part of a family bonding activity. If you are a primary school teacher, we can organise a school holiday excursion for your students, which include a specially curated workshop and museum tour.