The Journey of Rediscovery Tour and Workshop was created to cultivate the spirit of imagination and play by providing families with bonding opportunities through activities and experiences featuring the museum’s toy collections, held specially during the school holidays and selected weekends.

school holiday term: 19 Nov 2022 - 31 dec 2022

VINTAGE toys through creative storytelling & augmentED REALITY (RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN AGED 7 & ABOVE)


To encourage a love for reading & storytelling as well as sparking interest in early concepts and application of Augmented Reality technology, this programme is specially designed to drive imagination and creativity through an one hour museum guided tour and one hour AR StoryColouring book workshop.

part one of programme:
free augmented reality cards & one hour museum guided tour

Le Petit Prince is a timeless tale that touches upon childhood, imagination and the inevitability of growing up. In this one hour tour, discover new wonders from the museum’s vintage toys from Level 5 Outerspace and Level 4 Characters while he reflects upon his memories from Level 3 Childhood Favourites and Level 2 Collectables.

Children will be brought along by a dedicated facilitator across different levels of the museum starting from Level 1 through to Level 5,4,3 and 2 on an AR journey with Little Prince. Every child will receive a pack of Augmented Reality Cards for free filled with 37 touchpoints to explore and take home after the programme for more family bonding moments. 

arrival at the mint museum of toys

Meet Little Prince as he discovered the seventh planet called Earth which seemingly is shaped like a hat to him! Whom will he meet and what would be the adventure he embarks on?

level 5 outerspace

The Little Prince peeks at the variety of futuristic robots, rockets, astronauts and aliens! Find out what is a figment of imagination from toys such Hook Robot.

level 4 characters

Meet a variety of characters such as Betty Boop alongside other characters with varied personalities, some of them wore a superhero cape while others dressed glamorously from the 1920s! Join the Little Prince as he discover how grown ups create child-like stories filled with imagination.

level 3 childhood favourites

Dolls and teddy bears from around the world will show you what it means to be small in size yet mighty and not to be forgotten! Meet the Smallest Doll in the World and find out how most children have sentiments with their cuddly toys, reminding the Little Prince and us to hold on to our childhood memories dearly.

level 2 collectables

The Little Prince discovered a place as if he stepped into a time portal and travelled back in time! Let the Baggage Porter from the Industrial Revolution era and Climbing Monkey from the Commercialisation and Globalisation World show you what it means to become ‘Memories of Childhood’ and remnants of the past.

part two of programme:
one hour ar story colouring book workshop

The second part of the programme consists of a one hour long workshop featuring Augmented Reality story-colouring books that epitomises learning through interaction and creativity.

Storylines of the books are based on the museum’s toy collections across four thematic levels – Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favourites and Collectables. Each storyline is designed for kids to easily understand easy concepts of space travel, history and culture while also highlighting important values of Determination, Confidence and Appreciation of each other. 

Every child can choose 1 book from the series of 4 book titles: 

  • The Martian in the Sky
  • The Super Puppy in Me
  • The Grizzly Bear New Home
  • The Singaporean’s Dream
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