MINT Lumens: Singapore’s Latest Private Cinema Experience

Rediscover your favourite films in a whole new light at MINT Lumens, Singapore’s latest indie cinema experience! Book your tickets today. 🎫

Rediscover your favourite films in a whole new light at MINT Lumens, Singapore’s latest private indie cinema experience! It’s time to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary as we introduce you to this unique venture, where vintage toys and cinematic masterpieces come together for an unparalleled movie night.

A Cinematic Journey Like No Other

MINT Lumens isn’t your typical cinema; it’s an unconventional screening experience set within the captivating backdrop of the MINT Museum of Toys. Situated within the premises of our vintage toy museum, we’ve reimagined the way you enjoy movies, transforming film screenings into opportunities for conversations and community-building.

Begin with Wine in the Museum & Collection Sharing from 6.30pm onwards, offering you the chance to mingle with fellow moviegoers, enjoy lighthearted conversation over a glass of wine, and take a peek behind the scenes of our vintage toy collections. Amassed from over 40 countries with toys and memorabilia dating between the 1840s to 1980s, our shelves are more than just a display – they’re a peek into times, worlds, and histories that are long gone.

Explore rarely-discussed topics and trends in the world of collecting, cultural and societal movements, as well as controversial themes and stories related to the upcoming flick. It’s a rare chance to hear some of the stories behind our toy collections and discover the hidden treasures within. 

Finally, the main event begins with the Screening in the Museum from 7.30pm onwards. Say goodbye to stiff chairs, bothersome armrests, and the occasional seat-kicking neighbour. Our private cinema is set up with blankets, cushions, cosy corners, and life-sized plush teddy bears for the ultimate in movie-watching comfort. Free-seating arrangement ensures you can enjoy your chosen flick just like you would at home or at a friend’s place. No more worries about blocked views or uncomfortable seats!

But wait, there’s more! At MINT Lumens, we’re prepared to take your movie experience to the next level. Our high-powered laser projector is accompanied by a customised 250-inch widescreen display coated in Screen Goo – a specially formulated paint meant for high-performance projection.

The experience is further elevated with a clear distribution audio system, providing cinematic-quality effects. Additional Invisa 650 speakers with folded ribbon tweeters ensure extreme wide dispersion of audio throughout the space, for a truly immersive screening.

You can also elevate your viewing with delectable add-ons to sweeten the deal. Order bar bites and drinks from the basement vinyl-listening bar Vertigo26, or indulge in cocktails and tidbits from the rooftop bar Heaven @ Seah Street as you enjoy your movie. It’s the perfect way to complement your cinematic journey. Every MINT Lumens guest will also receive a complimentary bottle of alkaline water to take into the screening, 

Upcoming Screenings

Our cinema calendar boasts a diverse selection of curated films, spanning various genres from classics to iconic blockbusters to local hits and even lesser-known indie gems. There’s something for everyone at any age, but here’s a little teaser:

Did we mention you’ll get to choose what movie screens next? Visit the MINT Lumens page and vote in our poll to decide the movie for January 2024 and beyond! Upcoming screenings will be updated on our website, Facebook, and Instagram so stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest news.

Your Exclusive Movie Night Out Awaits

Don’t miss your chance to experience MINT Lumens at the MINT Museum of Toys. Tickets are priced at S$60 per person and include the full experience: Wine in the Museum, Museum Collection Sharing, and the Screening in the Museum. All prices are inclusive of GST and service charges, ensuring you get the most out of your night.

Plus, we’ve got good news for cinephiles: you can rent out our private event space and pop-up spaces for your own events! Imagine having your own private cinema for special occasions, corporate gatherings, or simply a memorable wine and movie night with friends and family.

Book your MINT Lumens tickets today – it’s time to embark on a cinematic adventure you won’t forget.

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