museum rooftop level



A versatile yet unconventional space built thoughtfully as a hybrid between an urban rooftop venue and an industrial exhibition space. Its interior is modern and edgy, with a pop of attitude. 

There are three available sections for booking – The Public House, The Public Balcony and The Public Bar. See below for details and information to book the space for your event today.

The public house

Let the Vintage Enamel Signs currently adorning the walls at the rooftop level give you a glimpse of consumer’s life in the 1800s while you are hosting your event.  

$800 for use of space up to 4 hours. 
Minimum 30 guests
Maximum capacity: 50


An urban greenery landscape with both a shel tered and an open space. Enjoy your event with a rooftop view overlooking the city. 

$800 for use of space up to 4 hours.
Minimum 30 guests
Maximum capacity: 50


A fully-equipped bar with refrigerator, ice machine and glasswares for you to prepare beverages for your guests.

$800 for use of space up to 4 hours. 

Enquire with us about available beverage packages which will include coke, 7-up, orange juice and lime juice. 

Part of the beverage package also includes 2 bartenders to prepare drinks during your event. 

for more information

All prices stated above are inclusive of service charge (10%) and GST (7%)

use of space for photoshoot

One of the top photo shoot venues in Singapore right here at MINT Museum of Toys! 

There are multiple pockets of unique and interesting spaces you can explore for a fun and stress-free photoshoot here, find both indoor and outdoor venues within our contemporary building. 


Up to 4 guests / photography crew

Hire Fees

$500 in form of 20 Adult General Admission Tickets ($25 each)
For use of space for 2 hours