With the rise of technologically innovative creations, the possibilities of new products are simply endless. For instance, the immersive experience that augmented reality offers still serves to impress, but have you ever heard of story-colouring books with that sort of technology?

Take a look at the first-ever augmented reality story-colouring books created by Singapore’s MINT Museum of Toys! Designed with the hope of bringing the technological capabilities of augmented reality and the childlike wonder of story-colouring books together, this innovative product is one that you should definitely know more about.

Augmented reality story-colouring books: A brief introduction

This creation by Singapore’s only toy museum features four separate story-colouring books, with each book featuring different toys. These toys are actually on display in MINT Museum of Toys itself; so, why not pay a visit to the museum afterwards to see these toys up close, too?

The best part? These books displaying short stories are an invention that can be enjoyed by all ages! For those with little ones, it’s a wonderful way of keeping them entertained and occupied. Besides, the material is pretty educational (see Book 1: A Singaporean’s Dream) and enriching (where you’ll learn about the values of perseverance, bravery, and self-love).

For adults, the colouring element can be quite therapeutic as you reminisce about simpler times. Plus, the immersive quality of augmented reality offers a new way of revisiting childhood memories and children’s books; in short, these short stories are fun for the whole family! Not to mention, it’s entertainment on-the-go that can be enjoyed from the convenience of your smart device.

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Book 1: A Singaporean’s Dream featuring the museum’s Collectables Toy Collection on Level 2

First, take a walk down memory lane with the first story-colouring book to launch in this series! Titled A Singaporean’s Dream, this Singapore short story features the MINT Museum of Toys’ Collectables exhibition, with toys like the Travelling BoySailor in Rickshaw, and Fleissige Kulis (Busy Coolies).

History lessons no longer have to be boring thanks to this educational experience! A Singaporean’s Dream traces Singapore’s history from a kampung and trading port to the busy metropolis that it is today.

You get the insight of how much Singapore has overcome since the early 20th century; and, you get the added benefit of immersing yourself in the world, through augmented reality, of what Singapore looked like back then! Basically, you’re getting a glimpse into a world defined by villages, rickshaw riders, and trading ports that are long-gone in today’s developed city.

Book 2: The Super Puppy in Me featuring the museum’s Childhood Favourites Toy Collection on Level 3

Titled The Super Puppy in Me, the second book in the series teaches you to never give up on your dreams. Reminiscent of the titular character from Disney’s ‘Bolt’, the Snowy Puppy character in this short story perseveres with his goal of becoming a superhero like Batman Robot.

Being a tiny puppy, Snowy Puppy faces many initial obstacles at first in the form of mockery from neighbourhood pets. However, after witnessing Yogi Bear in need of rescue from a group of poachers, Snowy Puppy realises his worth and the superhero that was in him all along to rescue Yogi Bear.

Book 3: The Grizzly Bear’s New Home featuring the museum’s Characters Toy Collection on Level 4

The third book in this series is one that will surely tug at your heartstrings. Titled The Grizzly Bear’s New Home, this short story will teach you about the value of not changing yourself in order to fit in — that the right people will come along and accept you for who you are.

Follow Grizzly Bear as he journeys to find a new home after his cave is destroyed in a forest fire. After failing to befriend Sea View Hotel Chef and The Drummer due to his ferocious appearance, he manages to find solace in Small Girl’s company who embraces his warm and cuddly nature.

Book 4: The Martian in the Sky featuring the museum’s Outerspace Toy Collection on Level 5

The final story-colouring book, The Martian in the Sky, is all about letting your imagination run wild in outer space! Featuring toys from the museum’s Outerspace collection, hop on a journey in a Moon Rocket XM-12 to space as Tom, a young boy, and a Hook Robot forge an unlikely friendship with a Martian Invader.

Witness a dazzling galaxy of mesmerising stars and planets come to life and learn all about the value of friendship from unlikely places in this augmented reality story.

How to download these augmented reality story-colouring books?

The XperienceAR App is your gateway to these marvellous short story-colouring books, and is available for download for both iOS and Android. (It can even be downloaded on both smartphones and tablets!)

After purchasing the augmented reality story-colouring books on the app, you’ll be given lifetime access to these digital books, which contain both the colouring and story pages.

  1. Download the XPerience App on the App Store or Google Play by scanning the QR code above.
  2. Launch the app and fill in the login details.
  3. Select MINT Museum of Toys.
  4. Tap on the AR story book that you wish to buy.
  5. Make your purchase in the App Store or Play Store.
  6. Tap ‘Step 1: Digital Book’ to get the PDF version of the story-colouring book emailed to you.
  7. Print all pages of the PDF book on A4 sheets and colour in the characters.
  8. Tap ‘Step 2: AR Experience’ and scan each of the coloured characters.
  9. To watch how augmented reality makes these characters come to life, scan each page of the story and ensure your audio is on to listen to the audio storybook.
  10. Tap the pencil icon to transform the characters in the story to the ones that you’ve coloured in yourself!

Discover the world of augmented reality

Are you ready to experience childhood favourites in this immensely novel way? If yes, then purchase these augmented reality story-colouring books created by Singapore’s first-ever toy museum today!

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