As the Singapore F1 Grand Prix draws near, it’s the perfect time to journey through the captivating world of vintage toy cars. Here at the MINT Museum of Toys, we’re steering you down memory lane with a fascinating collection that echoes the roaring engines and sleek designs of iconic Grand Prix racing cars in their heyday. Buckle up because we’re diving into the history of toy cars, from their inception to their modern-day charm.

The Evolution of Toy Cars: From Play to Passion

Toy cars have been a staple in the world of play for decades, captivating the hearts of both children and adults. Post World War II, two distinct trends emerged: die-cast toy cars and plastic toy cars. 

Company: Corgi Mettoy Playcraft Ltd
Year of Make: 1960s
Material: Metal, Rubber
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Among the two trends, die-cast toy cars like this British Racing Motors Grand Prix Racing Car held a special place due to their meticulous craftsmanship and lifelike design. Crafted with metal alloys and painstaking attention to detail, these miniature marvels offered an exquisite representation of their real-life counterparts. The die-casting process allowed for intricate features such as working wheels, realistic paint finishes, and even functional components like opening doors. These minute details didn’t merely replicate the appearance of actual vehicles; they encapsulated the essence of automotive artistry.

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Collectors and enthusiasts were drawn to die-cast cars for their authenticity, often mirroring the models that raced through history or graced the streets. Every curve, every emblem, and every shade of paint seemed to carry a piece of automotive legacy, bringing forth a tangible connection to the world of automobiles.

Company: Popy
Year of Make: 1970s
Materials: Plastic, Rubber
Country: Japan

In tandem with die-cast cars, the surge in popularity of plastic toy cars created an accessible avenue for play and exploration. Plastic, a versatile and affordable material, allowed toy manufacturers to experiment with shapes, sizes, and designs like never before. The result was an explosion of creativity, giving birth to an array of cars that spanned eras, genres, and even realms of fantasy like this Astro Boy Ferrari Sigma Grand Prix Show Car. In it, the fictional character Astro Boy sits in a replica of the late 1960s Formula 1 Ferrari Sigma Grand Prix show car, complete with a single-seater open cockpit and a spoiler mounted above the driver. The car was originally designed as a show car rather than for mass production, and introduced then-new and innovative safety features to the racing world.

Company: Trademark Side View Sea Creature
Year of Make: 1970s
Materials: Plastic
Country: Hong Kong

Plastic toy cars like this McLaren M23 Texaco Grand Prix Racing Car weren’t just playthings; they became vessels for storytelling, imagination, and interaction. Children could embark on journeys across imaginary landscapes, their cars navigating uncharted territories of bedroom floors and sandbox terrains. The affordability of plastic cars also democratised play, ensuring that the joy of collecting and racing was accessible to a wider audience.

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Enjoy a Timeless Tribute to Grand Prix Racing Cars

Racing enthusiasts, young and old, can now revel in our limited-time guided tour programmeGrand Prix Racing Cars from 1950s – 1970s Guided Tour.” Taking place from 8th to 17th September 2023, immerse yourself in the glory days of motorsport as we showcase rare and vintage toy cars inspired by legendary Grand Prix racing vehicles. Fuel your passion for vintage toy cars and exhilarating Grand Prix history with a 30-minute guided tour and an ice-cold draft beer – on us with the purchase of a pop-up entry ticket!

As we rev up for the F1 race in Singapore, MINT Museum of Toys celebrates the allure of vintage toy cars, combining nostalgia, education, and excitement on wheels. Join us to explore this unique fusion of craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless charm. Get your engines running, and let the journey begin!

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