The MINT Museum Of Toys isn’t just a museum in Singapore that houses an extensive collection of toys and memorabilia from around the world. They’ve also combined these classic toys with cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology into children’s books that teach kids important values through interesting short stories. Find out more about their AR story books for kids and the fantastical tales contained within.

Learn about Classic Toys using cutting-edge AR technology

The Augmented Reality Story-colouring Book series is made for kids ages 4-12, to foster creative and interactive learning and development. Each book costs $25 (before GST) and the experience is enhanced with the use of the Xperience AR app, to give families an opportunity to immerse themselves into the fantasy worlds within. The story books are all in English.

The series currently comprises 4 different storylines based on toy collections featured in the MINT Museum of Toys, and featuring the same toys you can see in the museum. While the museum is currently under renovation, you can visit their main website to see the different collections and range of toys to look forward to. The short stories teach children about the toys in the museum’s collections, while also highlighting essential life values. Children can colour in the characters and use AR technology to watch them come to life – creating unique opportunities for bonding with the whole family.

Dive into Short Stories about Singapore and more with AR

Credit: MINT Museum Of Toys

If there’s one title you should try first, it’s A Singaporean’s Dream featuring toys from the museum’s Collectables collection. This book gives kids an immersive glimpse into Singapore’s past – all from the comfort and convenience of home. Instead of having to walk through a crowded museum, the whole family can explore facets of Singapore’s history through AR technology.

Parents can also engage with their children on the topics covered in the short story, opening up opportunities to retell family tales and traditions while you learn about the toys in the scenes. Go beyond the story book and get your little ones even more interested with some old school Singaporeans toys like Kuti-Kuti that you can buy from the museum’s online MINT Shop.

Credit: MINT Museum Of Toys

Other titles in the series are The Martian in The Sky, featuring toys from the Outerspace collection; The Super Puppy in Me, featuring toys from the Characters collection; and The Grizzly Bear’s New Home, featuring toys from the Childhood Favourites collection. 

Bond over classic Toys using new Technology with the whole family

To experience the AR story books for yourself, download the XperienceAR app from  the Google Play Store or Apple Store to purchase the respective short story. Print the colouring pages out, or view them on a handphone or tablet – once you scan the pages with the app, you can watch the colourful characters come to life.

With so many children’s books available in Singapore today, this series sets itself apart using its AR technology. The AR adds an interesting dimension to a regular kids book, and allows children to learn from the comfort of home. Find out more about the books on the MINT Museum Of Toys website, and register as a member with the MINT Museum of Toys today to stay tuned for more announcements on their grand reopening.