When we think back to our childhood, the familiar toys we grew up with always give us a burst of old school nostalgia. As each generation grows up, the toys that accompany them also change. Nowadays, most Singaporean kids spend their childhoods entertained by electronic gadgets and digital screens – toys that seem worlds away from the simple plastic and wooden toys of the 80’s and 90’s. Vintage toys from our parents’ and grandparents’ generations are even harder to spot, and you might only see some in dedicated exhibits or museums such as Singapore’s MINT Museum Of Toys!

Yet the nostalgia of vintage toys remains strong, and many of us still remember our childhood companions fondly. As times change, teaching our children and grandchildren about old school toys gives us a chance to connect with them through these simple joys. Here are 4 of the best loved Singaporean toys to take you back to your childhood:

1. Kuti-Kuti


Credit: MINT Museum Of Toys

These small plastic tokens might look simple, but fans of Kuti-Kuti will remember how exciting it was to watch a game unfold! Kuti-Kuti was an old school game popular in Singapore around the 1950s and 1960s, and you can still find the tokens in some small shops in Singapore and Malaysia. Players tried to flip their tokens onto their opponents’ tokens. If they succeeded, they could claim that token into their own collection. Interested in picking up Kuti-Kuti again? Head to the MINT Shop to purchase a set of these vintage toys online!

2. Wooden Gasing Tops

Credit: MINT Museum Of Toys

Before there was Beyblade, there were gasing tops. These old school traditional Malay tops are made from wood and are launched with a string or rope. In Singapore today it’s rare to see people playing with gasing anymore, but gasing is actually still a popular game in northern Malaysia. There are even gasing competitions, so it’s clear this vintage toy isn’t going away anytime soon! Look out for this Gasing Spinning Top with Pepsi Bottle Cap in the museum’s upcoming Collectables toy collection on Level 2.

3. Five Stones

Credit: MINT Museum Of Toys

Ask your parents about Five Stones, and watch their eyes light up in excitement. This old school toy consists of a handful of small cloth beanbags, and players have to toss them into the air and catch them, increasing the number of bags caught each time. It’s the kind of game that sounds simple enough, but is actually pretty difficult to complete (fully) without practice. Anyone who’s played Five Stones before can also remember the frustration of dropping a stone and having to start all over again! If you’re particularly crafty, you can look out for seasonal workshops under the MINT Museum of Toy’s Journey of Rediscovery Programme to learn how to make traditional games and toys such as Paratroopers or Five Stones.

4. Aeroplane Chinese Chess

Aeroplane chinese chess

Credit: MINT Museum Of Toys

Though it has ‘chinese chess’ in its name, this vintage toy actually has more in common with the Western game of Ludo. Many Singaporean kids eagerly spent hours engrossed in this board game, battling it out with their friends to see whose airplanes could complete a round around the board first. Find Aeroplane Chinese Chess and other old school toys on the MINT Shop to relive your childhood memories and introduce your kids to a classic game they’ll love!

Rediscover Old School and Vintage Toys at the MINT Museum Of Toys

Reminiscing about our childhood doesn’t just bring us back to those simpler care-free times, but also gives us a chance to teach the younger generation about history in fun ways. Rediscover old school toys and more at the MINT Museum Of Toys once it reopens after renovation, or shop online at the MINT Shop to bring a little piece of the past home.